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Chapter 5











The girl beside her pointed at me leaning on the counter.


She turned and staggered back,


I could tell she was rather shocked to see me sitting here on this chair with my legs crossed staring at her.


What did she think?


That she would get raid of me that easily?




With just the snap of my fingers when I woke up they opened the locks and I was here again.


I raised my hand and waved for a waitress.


Rose and the girl kept staring at me without moving.


The girl nudges her to come to me.


She took the notepad and walked sluggishly to me.


* We-welcome to Delight Bakes sir what can I get you? *


She said with a shaky voice like she saw a ghost.


I sniggered at her expressions.


* Cut it out *


I said and she inhaled deeply


* What are you doing here? The cops took you * She asked looking frustrated


* The cops are stupid, they let me go *


I lied and she scoffed


* Yeah you’re right I never should have believe they could help anyway * She said and I nodded.


* I’m hungry *


I said and she glared at me


* What am I? Your nanny? *


She fired and I shrugged my shoulders


* Get me something to eat *


I said and formed cute puppy eyes.


She walked out majestically and I smiled.


You better be nice girl you’re going to be the remedy to my success.


My seven brothers will never get the best of me.



I looked around at the people coming in and out of the place.


She walked back with the breakfast and and placed it on the table then walked away just immediately.


I started eating.


You can’t run away from me Rose Caliente, you belong to me now. Rose


I walked back into the kitchen and held my neck like I was being strangled. Could he a stalker from one of my admirers? goodness he’s freaking me out so much.


* Table number 8. Rose get to work *


I composed myself and quickly got back to work.


I glanced at him at intervals and his eyes are always on me.


It makes me feel so uncomfortable.




* Bye Rose *


Jane said and I waved walking out the shop.


The day ended and it was time to go home.


I looked around for the strange man but I didn’t see him around.


* Looking for me? *


* Oh goodness! Holy heavens *


I flinched and jumped.


He smiled and just then I realized he looks really handsome. * Okay let’s talk now. What do you really want from me? * I asked demonstrating with my hands. * You *



He blurted and my mouth opened


* What? *


* I mean I need to stay with you, I’m homeless * He replied.


I stopped for a second to examine him from his hair to the black nice shoes. His hair looked like he just visited the salon, black shiny and silky looking.


He had on a nice black tuxedo suit and a blue inner with a bow tie. His skin wasn’t looking bad either and his bears were caved nicely too. * Homeless? You look much like a rich CEO of a big company *


I said and stood akimbo


* The good looks is just come natural but I need a place to stay * He replied.



I eyed him.


He looked sincere and innocent and his eyes were pleading.


* Leave me alone please *


I said and started walking.


It was really late so I halted a taxi.


On our way we met a serious traffic .


* Why’s there traffic here this late? *


I asked the driver


* Miss I think it’s an accident and the roads are blocked * He replied.


* I’m getting down, take *


I paid him and got down.


I started walking into the dark streets.


There are no route to my apartment from here otherwise I wouldn’t take this street.


It’s always so quiet and lonely and the street lights always fluctuating.


* Hey Beautiful *


A guy jumped in front of me with a cigarette in his left hand.


I tried walking past but another blocked me


* Going somewhere? *


I turned and they surrounded me already


* Let me go *


I said sternly.


* of course but after we have a little fun, don’t you like that? * He touched my shoulders and I shuddered nervously * Don’t touch me *


He touched my waist and I passed a slap across his face.


He threw the cigarette away and grabbed me


* Hey you! Let her go now *


A voice commanded walking out of the dark shadows.


It’s him! The strange man


* And who are you? *


the guy asked and pushed me to the other one.


I struggled watching the scene.


* Let her go while I’m still asking nicely * The strange man said.


The guy punched him first and soon the man started beating every single one of them.


I watched him send everyone of them to the ground


the other two screwed away including the one holding me.


I started running fast without even thanking him for saving me.


I got to my apartment and he was there by the door already.


How did he get here ?


* I’m sure your parents taught you better manners Rose * He said sitting on the balcony and playing with his fingers.

He looked up at me and I looked away for a second.


* What are you doing here? I mean Thanks for saving me * I replied.


* You owe me one Rose *


He told me


* What do you want? *


I asked even though I didn’t want to. I don’t know this person


* I need a place to stay *


He replied and I realized I didn’t have much of a choice now.


I took out the key and slowly opened the door


* Come in *


I said.



He smiled at me and went in.


He sat on the couch in the living room and started taking off his clothes. I looked away


* I should wash up, I smell awful *


He said


* Good you know *


I mumbled under my breath but his potato ears Heard * What was that? *


You use the bathroom over there and please on no account should you come into my room *


I said sternly nodding my head.


I walked into my bedroom and banged the door behind.


I walked to the mirror and looked at my reflection.


There’s a stranger in my apartment,


What are you going to do Rose ?


* Can I have a towel please *


I suddenly heard from behind.


I jumped in shock and turned to look at him * I told you not to…. OMG! Holy crap! *



I turned away quickly to the mirror but I could still see him.


I closed my eyes quickly


For goodness sake get some clothes on, how can you wake into my room NAKED!! *


I yelled and started walking.


I hit my leg on something and fell.


* Are you okay? *


He rushed to me.


He bent down beside me and that thing was touching me * GET OUT!!! *




Her Demonic Lover



OH no! Not this man



He’s a demon



She’s Human



Fantasy Romance



Written by Shantel

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