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Chapter 10











I laid on my bed looking up at the ceilings with my hands tucked to the blanket on my chest.


I couldn’t sleep I kept thinking about my day with Lucian.


It felt so special cause I’ve never been taken out like that either.



Though I have good suitors who might have done that but this feels different.


I closed my eyes but I couldn’t sleep, I should get a glass of water.


I stood up and walked out of my bedroom.


Lucian was laying on the couch, I passed him and walked into the kitchen.


I opened the refrigerator and brought out a bottle of water and walked to the glass rack.


I poured water into the glass and drank a good amount.


I dropped the glass and just stared into space.


* Can’t Sleep? *


I turned startled to Lucian standing at the other end of the table.


* Sorry if I startled you *


He apologized and I gave a simple nod. We both just stayed quiet like that * Thanks for today *


I said breaking the silence


* Thanks for trusting me *


He smiled and I nodded with a warm smile. * It’s been a long while I had that much fun * I replied honestly.


He walked closer and took the glass of water from me and drank from it.



You will more often now. Do you want to go out tomorrow too? I can talk to your manager *


He asked


* No way Lucian, I have to work *


I declined.


I’m still surprised on how the manager agreed to Lucian’s request so easily today’s and he’s talking about asking for another day? No way!


* I’m going to bed now so goodnight *


I said to him .


He smiled.


I walked past him, kept the bottle back in the refrigerator and went to bed.


I laid back on the bed and in few minutes I was fast asleep.




I woke up feeling great like every other day.


I smiled and stretched out my muscles before out of my room.


I looked around the living room and Lucian wasn’t there.


I heard some noise from the kitchen so I went there instead.


* Good morning Rose sure your night was great *


Lucian gave me a very bright smile. He was preparing breakfast?


* Good morning Lucian, What’s happening? *



I questioned smiling pleasingly.


* Breakfast girl, Breakfast is happening so sit while I serve you * He replied full of excitement.


I did as he said and sat down comfortably and he started setting the table


* Someone looks excited *


* As always *


He replied and sat down.


* New job? *


I asked curiously. He shrugged his shoulders * Let’s eat *


I started eating tasting each meal he cooked.


* Wow! Lucian this is great where did you learn this? * I asked surprised.


He raised his smart phone and I smiled.


We finished eating and I prepared for Work.


He escorted me all the way to the restaurant.


I walked in and the manager smiled at me for the first time.


I greeted and left him to the kitchen into the dressing room.


I met Jane and hugged her


* I saw you left with your Prince Charming yesterday * She said.


* Come on Jane it’s not that *


I told her


Yeah right, and he visits you everytime I’m pretty sure he’s outside already* She replied and the thought actually crossed my mind.


Of course not, he’s at work *


I kicked against


* Urhmm you even know his schedules *




I just smiled and quickly changed into my uniform and walked out.


I met the supervisor outside


* Rose you’ve been promoted as one of the head chef * I said and my jaw fell wide open * Really?!*



I asked and he nodded.


I jumped and squealed around the kitchen hugging every one as they congratulated me.


This is amazing I can’t believe this is happening right now.


I’ve just been promoted despite all my shortcomings at work.








Her Demonic Lover



OH no! Not this man



He’s a demon



She’s human



Fantasy Romance



By Shantel

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