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Maya’s POV…



The sounds of bird’s chirping reached my ears, I smiled softly and cuddled closer to my pillow, I wonder what time it is, and why those stubborn kids haven’t barged in yet, anyways I’m really thankful they didn’t, I finally get to have a peaceful morning to myself.. Turning over to my other side on the bed with my eyes still closed, I felt a warm feeling on my cheek, then giggling, what?.. I furrowed my brows with my eyes still closed, I waited for seconds but didn’t hear anything.. Sighing I laid straight and tried falling back to sleep, only to feel something slimy dropping in my eyes,


“What the heck?” I muttered wiping my eyes with the bed sheet, I opened my eyes and stared into big hazel ones.. It only took a second for it to click in my brain.. “Kimora?” I mumbled looking at my last daughter, “Mummy” She mumbled with a smile


“How did you get here baby?” I asked as she moved and sat on my face..


Ewww!.. God she pooed!..


I heard the bathroom door open, before the bed deeped in by my side


“My little princess ..why are you sitting on Mummy’s face?” Kyle asked taking her in his arms..


“She pooed kyle!, how did she get in here?!” I asked angrily..


“I should be asking you babe, I didn’t see her when I went to take my bath” he said sitting her on the bed, she walked back to him and I watched as he began playing with her hair..


“Then who brought..” I gasped as realization hit me..


I scowled and made to stand up from the bed..


“Hey where are you going honey?” Kyle asked


“I am so gonna kill Kymia!” I growled and made for the door.


“Hold on babe, you don’t even know if she’s the one” kyle said with a pointed look “Seriously? Who else leaves kimora in our room whenever she poos?” I asked hands on my hips


“Uhm.. Kymia?” He mumbled defeatedly


“Good” I said and turned to the door


“But maybe she’s innocent this time?” He asked walking over with kimora in his arms..


“Yeah right, which of my kids is crazy enough to do something like this?” I asked and continued without waiting for his reply “Kymia!” I stated and reached for the door.


“Kai..” He stated and I scoffed


“We both know Kai is responsible love” I muttered



“He dates several girls at a time, did I Even say date, he plays Maya plays several girls at a time.. Who does that?” He exclaimed “Kai!” Kimora squealed earning a glare from me..


“You’re right princess” kyle said pecking her cheek causing her to giggle.. “Yeah, that’s because he took it from you” I stated matter of factly, .., he gaped at me tongue tied for a few seconds before he spoke again..


“We all know that’s not true, you’re the only girl I dated Maya! The only woman I fell in love with, the only..”


“I get your point kyle, but that’s not gonna help kymia!” I stated


“Wah about Kylie?.. I’m not gonna mention, Kendrick because we both know he’s the exact opposite of his twin, responsible!!” He stated


“Fine, but what makes you think Kylie.. Would do something like this?” I asked glaring at my husband..


He’s so not going to save his precious daughter today.. He’s joking if he thinks he can…


“She dyed Kelvin’s hair green!.. Just because he refused to lend out his play station to her friends! Who does that!” He yelled “Kylie!” Kimora squealed again for effect, seriously?..


“Again kimora, you’re correct!” He said placing a kiss on her head.


I rolled my eyes at the both of them, and crossed my hands on my chest,


that doesn’t mean It’s her, I know it’s kymia and I’m going to deal with..” A gentle knock on the door stopped me from completing my sentence, I glanced at kyle before facing the door.. Here it goes..


I opened the door to reveal, kelvin 12 year old third son, and my fifth child.. I looked him over to make sure, he wasn’t covered in food or make up, and so on.. “Kelvin!” Kimora squealed


“Hi Kim, morning mom, morning dad” he greeted “Morning son” kyle mumbled


“Morning baby.. Do you need something?” I asked sighing in relief when I didn’t see anything unusual..


“Kylie and kai are fighting in the living room!” He blurted out and rushed down the hall, it took a moment for the information to sink in before I rushed after him.. I heard kyle groan and trail after me..


I got to the living room to find Kylie sitting on kai, with his arms folded expertly behind him..


“Get off me you weasel!” Kai groaned trying to break out of his sister’s grip.. “Not in this life, idiot!” She said adding pressure to his hand..



“Owww!.. Ken get this doll off me!” He yelled to his twin brother, Kendrick who sat comfortably on a couch with kelvin with a bowl of popcorn between them “Why should I? This is fun” he laughed stuffing his mouth with corn..


“I can’t believe you’re this lazy kai, you’re pinned to the ground by your own kid sister, man.. You should be ashamed!” Kelvin added and fist bumped Kendrick “Shouldn’t we take a video?, I’ll post it on Instagram and see if any girl will let you play them with those useless muscles of yours!” He said and they both laughed..


I heard footstep behind me and turned to see kyle walk-in with kimora.. I watched as her eyes lit up when she saw Kylie pinning kai to the ground.. Oh boy..


She squirmed in her father’s hands and demanded to be put down, I watched in awe as she rushed over with her little legs and squealed happily..


“Yay, fighting!” She yelled and sat on kai’s head .. At that moment I couldn’t help but pity my son for the awful smell oozing from her diaper.. Speaking of which! “Well this looks interesting” kyle mumbled placing his hands on my waist. “Well I’ve had enough!” I mumbled with a frown.


“That’s enough now Kylie!” I said and she scrambled to her feet, letting go of kai’s hands, he sighed in relief, and tried to move his baby sister from his head. “No, kai, stay put.. I like it here” she whined..


“Kimora, get off your brother’s head now!” I yelled and almost regretted it, she stared at me for a while as her big hazel eyes began to water and her lips trembled.. Oh no..


“Baby, I’m sorry.. Mummy didn’t..” I was cut off by her loud wailing.. God help me!..


“Come here baby, come” Kylie cooed taking her in her arms.. Kai rolled over and sighed in content..


“Trust me Kylie, you don’t want to be holding her that close” he mumbled “Why?” She asked in confusion


“She pooed” he said with a smirk .. I rolled my eyes as Kylie shrieked and literally tossed my baby to her elder brother..


Kendrick sighed and stood up with Kimora in his arms.. Pacifying her “Which reminds me, who amongst you brought Kim into my room?” I asked glaring at the four kids staring back at me excluding Kim..


“It wasn’t me mom” the twins (kai and Kendrick) my seventeen years old kids answered simultaneously causing Kylie to roll her eyes..


“I haven’t seen kimora until now mom” Kylie my fourteen year old mumbled flipping through the channels..


I turned to look at the 12 year old kelvin who shrugged with his hands up..


“Not me” he muttered simply..


“Where the heck is kymia?!” I asked


“Upstairs!” Kylie replied..


I turned to the stairs and the door opened to reveal Liam Lee with his twin sisters Kylie’s friends..


“Morning Mr and Mrs Kyle” he greeted cheerfully as he gave his friends kai and ken bro hugs,


“Morning kiddo..” Kyle replied.


“Where’s Ashley?” Kai asked looking at the door..


“She’s on a rescue mission” liam replied sharing a knowing smirk with his friends.. Rescue mission?.. Oh my God!.. I rushed up the stairs and barged into the last room on the hallway.. There on the window sat my sixteen year old daughter kymia, she raised her head and smiled nervously when she saw me.. “Hi mom!” She waved


“Don’t you dare jump kymia.. Don’t..” I screamed as I watched her jump out of the window


I rushed over and saw her in Ashley’s arms bridal style..


“Kymia!.. Get back here young Lady,!” I ordered trying to calm my nerves.. “Hi aunt Maya” Ashley waved and I rolled my eyes


“I’m so angry with you both, hope Hannah is coming with harry? I need to seriously speak with her!” I exclaimed glaring at my daughter who was smiling sheepishly up at me..


“My mom is coming aunt, don’t worry..” She replied running down the sidewalk


with kymia


“Bye mom!”


“Don’t you dare bye me mia!.. And don’t bother coming back to this house because


I swear to God I’ll kill you!!!” I yelled


“Sure you will mum” she giggled..


“Seriously? Where did she even come from?, maybe the angels kept disturbing God when he was creating her, Now she’s not only stubborn but crazy as well!” I muttered to my self and felt arms wrapping around my waist..


“Calm Down babe, she’s a teenager.. She’ll outgrow it soon” kyle mumbled peppering kisses on my neck


“Yeah right!.. Whose idea was it to have many kids anyway?” I asked walking out of the room..


“Yours Maya” he stated


“It was a rhetorical question!” I snapped.



And moved towards the other stairs.. Only to see kimora running down the hallway stack naked with foam on her head ..


“Oh cheese sticks! Get back here kimora!,” Kendrick ordered rushing out of her bedroom


“I don’t want to bathe, I don’t want to bathe!!” She receited running to the other side of the hall


“You’re are gonna go in there and take your bath kimora, right now!” Ken said matter of factly.. And I watched in awe as Kim showed him her butt..


“You can’t make me Kenny wenny!” She said moving her butt with each word.


“Don’t call me that!” Ken scolded.


“Kenny wenny!” She taunted sticking her tongue out.


“Come here you little fish!” Ken muttered running towards her only to slip and fall face first on the ground.


“Ah!.. See ya!” She giggled and rushed down the stairs..


“Kendrick, honey are you OK?” I asked as he stood up slowly rubbing his head “Yeah, I’ll go get Kim” he mumbled and rushed down the stairs, I glanced at kyle who still looked surprised at Kim’s display..


“I think we should go ..” I drawed climbing up the stairs..


Half way through a loud boom went through the whole house, causing I and kyle to rush downstairs.. And into the kitchen “Jesus!” Kyle screamed and I almost fainted ..


The whole kitchen was covered in flour, egg, and spaghetti ..


Right in the middle was a toddler covered in flour and egg., the only visibly part of her body was her eyes, beside her was Kylie and her friends all covered in batter and spag.


“Kimora?” I called not believing my eyes


“Hi mummy” she waved with the spoon in her hands.. And kylie sneezed out




Just kill me!



The end.



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