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Chapter 13











Grrrrrrrrr!!! The alarm shook me off my sleep.


I woke up and stretched out my muscles on the bed.


I yawned loudly and climbed the bed gently.




Slipped my legs into my slippers and walked into the bathroom.


I picked my toothbrush and stared at the mirror washing up.


Lucian made me get a really nice work on my hair and it’s really so pretty.


I finished and walked out, sat on my dressing table and started applying little makeup on my face.


I wore my clothes, shoes and grabbed my purse before stepping out into the living room.


* Good morning beautiful *


Lucian said and I couldn’t help but blush.


I smiled sweetly and touched my hair shyly.


He looked handsome as usual with his new haircut and the stylish clothes he had on.


Lucian really has nice fashion sense.


* Let’s head out I will take you to work myself * He said and I nodded like an obedient child.


He walked to me and held my hand



* Sorry I couldn’t prepare breakfast, let’s eat together at the restaurant * He said and dragged me with him walking out.


He closed the door and we slowly climbed the stairs together.


* Is it exhausting? Should I piggy back you? *


He asked


* I’m fine Lucian, I’m not a kid *


I replied and he smirked


* who said? You’re just 23 years old *


He replied and I stopped on my track.


* How did you know my age? I don’t remember telling you that * I looked up into his eyes. He chuckled


I should be applauded* He said




I mean I’m such a good guesser, don’t you think you should give me a kiss for that *


He responded and I hit his chest.


Remembering the kiss from that night.


I left his hand and started running ahead of him.



Where are you running to Miss?* I heard him yell behind me.

Don’t follow me! *






I stopped and turned back to look at him but he wasn’t there.


* Where did he go? *




Oh Rose! *


I turned and was shocked to see him standing there in front of me * How do you do that? *


I asked with my hand on my chest panting.


.He halted a cab and pushed me inside and in a few minutes we were at the restaurant.


The manager saw us and ran, he greeted Lucian and bowed.


My mouth opened in awe, what’s happening here?.


Lucian pulled out a chair and pulled me to sit then he went to sit opposite me.


* We will have breakfast before she starts working I don’t want her fainting later * Lucian told the manager.


* ok I will ask them to serve quickly *


He replied and my jaw fell.


* I will help with that *


I stood up


* No Rose, you just sit *


The manager told me and I sat.


The breakfast was served and we started eating.


I would see the staff were gossiping and wondering what was going on.


We finished and Lucian left and I went back to change and start work.


Everyone kept staring at me like I was some strange being.


I tried to ignore and just did my work.


* Chef Rose there’s a order for two boxes of cupcakes * One of the waiters rushed in.


* What? But that isn’t my duty *


* The supervisor wants you to do it, it’s for a birthday party hosting tonight * He replied and walked out.


I smiled to myself, this is what I’ve been waiting for.




I’m now allowed to take high orders.


I left the broth I was steaming to the others and went to wash my hands.



I started setting everything out myself and decided to make different flavors and colour differ on the icing.


Strawberry and cocoa will be a nice choice.


I need to give it my best!.


Its been hours already and I was totally exhausted.


I brought out the cupcakes and called one of the chefs to have a taste * hmm…this is wonderful Rose!*


Miss Jojo said and I smiled and clapped for myself.


Thank goodness I made enough so everyone can have and I can take home to Lucian too.


I smiled just thinking about him, jezz I’ve grown so fond of him without realizing.


I’m going to call Wendy today, I haven’t had the chance to tell her about my promotion.


I packed the cupcakes and they were sent to the location.


I’m heading home right away, I’m tired.





Her Demonic Lover



OH no! Not this man



He’s a demon



She’s human



Fantasy Romance



By Shantel

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