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Chapter 17












I woke up and Lucian was gone, he wasn’t anywhere in the house and that got me really worried.


I sat and waited for a while but he still wasn’t coming.


I picked my phone and called his phone and heard it ringing,




he left his phone on the table.


I exhaled worried and walked about in the room.


I checked the time and it was getting late, I dressed quickly and went to work. I started working sluggishly cause I wasn’t myself, I was sick worried about Lucian.



Where could he have gone without informing me and even leaving his phone behind.


* Chef Rose the beef is over cooking *


I was jolted off my thoughts.


I quickly brought it down, I took a table knife to cut and it was overly cooked.




Excuse me *






I said and left to get some fresh hair.


I took off my cap and kept sighing, I was lost at thoughts.




* Rose? *


I turned and it was Jane.


* Are you okay? *


She asked and I nodded.


* Someone is here to see you *


She said.


* I really don’t want to see anybody now * * he says his name is Lucian * * Lucian? *



I smiled and ran pass her.




I got outside the kitchen and met him, he smiled standing beside the manager. I walked to them and he touched my hair,


* Where did you go without telling me? * I whined and hit his shoulders.


* I’m sorry, I had to be some where and I’m making up for that * * How? *


I asked


Go change, you’re coming with me * He replied.


I turned to manager and he nodded, I smiled and went in, changed and came back out.


* So where are you taking me to? *


I asked.


He smiled and held my hand, entered a cab.


I just couldn’t stop smiling all through the drive around the city.


* is it a tour? *


I asked.



He shrugged his shoulders and I laughed. He caressed my hand and I smiled * Rose I want to tell you something important *


He said.


I turned to look at me, my heart started beating just gazing deep into his eyes.


I held his face up to his ears and my eyes roamed his face like I was searching for something.


I lost control of myself and kissed him, he reciprocated my kissing me back and holding me tightly.


I completely felt ignorant about being in public.


He unlocked and smiled,


I smiled shyly and looked through the window but I could still feel him so close to me.


His hot breath all over my neck and when his lips touched me my eyes closed from the pleasure.


* Lucian! *


I called softly when my whole body vibrated.


* I’m sorry *


He whispered in my ears and closely pulled back. I brushed my edges and slowly exhaled quietly. The cab stopped and we got down. I looked around


* Why did you bring me here? *


I asked.


It was a normal busy street


* this is where you first saved my life, this is where I first met you * He replied and I smiled remembering that very day.


How time flies, how quickly humans bond and how strangely we fall in love with strangers.


I turned to him and smiled.


I kept smiling resting my head on his chest felt so good.


Lucian bought some food for us to have a little picnic here in this quiet place.


I rested my head on his chest while he played with my hair.


* Rose I have something to tell you *


He said after the long peaceful silence.


* Yes? Tell me *


I replied.


* I.. I.. I wa.. wa..nt to tell you.. tell you some.. thing abou…… *


* Wow! Butterfly!! *


I squealed and jumped up running after the beautiful butterfly .


I haven’t seen one in a while, I remember me and Wendy loved catching beautiful butterflies a lot when we were younger.





* Lucian come here, help me catch it *


I yelled.


He laughed and joined me, we ended running around without catching it. I fell down laughing.






We got home exhausted more like Rose got exhausted, she had too much fun playing around.


I gave her a piggy back ride up the stairs to her room.


I dropped her on her bed and she giggled sweetly, I smiled.


* now have your bath and get some rest, okay? *


I said and bent to kiss her forehead, she blushed.


I left her and went to the living room,


I entered the other bathroom and had my shower.


I came out and noticed the air was rather too hot considering the weather.


I sensed something


* Ahhhhhh *


I heard Rose screamed from her room.


I dropped the towel and ran into the room.


It was burning hot and Rose wasn’t there.


No! No! This can’t happen!





Her Demonic Lover



He’s a demon



She’s human



Fantasy Romance



By Shantel


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