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Chapter 12











I woke up slowly to a striking head ache.


I opened my eyes slowly with my fingers rubbing my temples.


I felt something hot over my hair,


I gently looked and OMG I was laying on Lucian and his hot breathe was all over me.


I closed my mouth quickly from screaming and tried to get up but it


seemed impossible because his hand held my butt tightly pinning me down to him.


I moved gently and tried to slip out but his hands moved up to my waist and he pulled me back down and my lips fell on his.


My eyes grew wide open and I remembered last night.


Jezzz! This is so embarrassing!.


His eyes fluttered opened and met with mine with our lips still together.


I pushed him and got up quickly and ran into my room.


I held my chest and sighed heavily.


I fell on my bed tiredly, my head aches so bad.


I closed my eyes, Wait! I still have to go to work.


I opened my eyes and jumped off the bed to the wall clock * WHAT?!!!!! *


I screamed at the top of my voice.


The door burst open and Lucian ran in


* What is it Rose? *


He asked worriedly looking at me like he was searching for something.




I yelled and he sighed in relief. He walked to me and held my shoulders * I spoke to your manager just know, it’s fine * He told me and I opened my eyes in shock.


* What? *


* you can call him to confirm, don’t bother yourself * He said and I nodded.


* Get cleaned up and come out for breakfast * He added and walked out.


I took my phone quickly and passed a call to Manager.



Sir I’m sorry I won’t be…



Your boyfriend spoke to me already, have a nice day and come back to work anytime you want


He said before I could even finish my statement.


Boyfriend? He ended the call.


* He’s not my boyfriend *


I said and went into the bathroom.


I had a hot bath and changed into something warm before going for breakfast.


* You made soup? You never seem to make me wonder with the things you do * I said and pulled out a chair to sit.


He laughed sweetly and I smiled.


* It’s good for hangovers, my smartphone is a saver * He replied and I smiled and started eating. * It’s nice *


I gave him a thumb up and he winked and licked his lips.


.My mind flashed to the kiss and I kept staring at his lips. * Rose are you okay? Is there something on my lips? * He asked joting me back from my thoughts.


* No, can you please make a tea? I don’t want coffee * I requested, he nodded and went to make it.



What’s wrong with you Rose? Stop thinking about the kiss already.


My subconscious yelled at me.


* Thanks *


I said and sipped from the tea.






We were in the living room watching a movie together and eating popcorn.


Honestly since Lucian came into my life I think things have been working for my






Before he came I never had time for myself let alone sit to watch a movie, go out for dinner or to the packs.


We laughed at the hilarious scene and I stuffed my mouth with pop corn. The movie ended


* That was so fun, interesting *




Totally *


He replied and we both stayed quiet.


* let’s visit the salon, I think your hair needs to be worked on * He suddenly said giving my really messed up hair a look.


* My hair looks fine *


I said even though I know he was totally right.


* Seriously Rose? Mama never taught you about telling lies? *


I laughed and got up


* Okay!! Let’s hit the salon! *


I hyped and ran into my room to change. This is going to be fun, I haven’t visited the salon since I relocated here. I do deserve a break.. Oh!





Her Demonic Lover



OH no! Not this man



He’s a demon



She’s human



Fantasy Romance



By Shantel

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