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Chapter 8













I stopped for a second to read her mind before answering the question.


* you mentioned it a while ago *


I replied and she looked surprised.


* did I? *


She asked and I nodded.


She cracked and continued with the veggies she was chopping.


I just watched her still drinking my glass of water.


She started cooking looking all sweaty, I looked for a napkin and walked to her.


* What is it? *


She asked.


I raised my hand and cleaned her face, she looked surprised.


I smiled and moved away


* You were all sweaty *


I said. She coughed and continued with what she was doing.


I watched her, she’s really beautiful.


Fair skin with an oval shaped face and her hair is brown matching with her skin. * It’s ready! Help me set the table *


She requested and I nodded and helped her and in minutes we were eating.





* It’s nice *


I said munching on the food


* Thanks, you should learn how to cook * She replied and I laughed


* Nah, that’s too much stress *


She chuckled.


We finished eating and we both went to bed.


We actually watched a movie but she slept off on the couch so I carried her to her bedroom.


I placed her on the bed and covered her with the blanket.


I arranged her hair properly and sat close to her just watching her sleep.


You have to fall in love with me soon Rose so I can leave here.


Too bad this innocence of us will be your downfall but I don’t care.


All that matters to me is my soon to be reign and the dreadful Look on the faces of my seven brothers.


I really wish I can cast a spell on you so we will get this done and dusted with but it has to be pure and true love.


You’ll have to fall in love with me Rose, you don’t have a choice.






The loud music woke me up, I stood up from my bed and slipped my feet into my slids.


I walked to the living room


* Good morning Rose *


Lucian said with a smile and just then I remembered I was living with someone now.


I smiled back


You forgot you don’t live alone anymore, I’m sorry I woke you up it’s just that..




He stopped and pointed at the wall clock, I looked and What?


* I’m running late! *


I screamed and ran back into my room and into the bathroom.


I showered quickly and ran back into the room without any towel.


I just wanted to get ready quickly and get to work,


I’m supposed to serve first course meals for breakfast this morning. * Should I prepare you a cup of coffee? * The door opened and Lucian walked in


* That will be nice please I like my coffee black with little su… * I stopped and looked down at myself and WTF! I’m naked * Get Out! *



I screamed.


I started dressing up quickly and packed my hair in a ponytail.


I wore my shoes and carried my back.


There was a cup of coffee on the table but Lucian wasn’t there.


I sipped and it was nonsense, I spat it out and left quickly.


I was running down the long stairs when someone suddenly lifted me in his arms and carried me down.


Lucian opened the door to the cab and placed me in.


* Drive safely *


He told the driver and waved at me.


Did he call me a cab?


He carried me all the way from the long stairs and made me coffee.


I laughed remembering the taste of the coffee but it’s so embarrassing that he saw me naked for the second time.


Gosh! .


The cab stopped and I got down,


I brought out my purse to pay but he drove away already.


I kept my purse and started running into the restaurant.


It was filled with customers already.



I bumped into the manager at the counter and immediately he started scolding the hell out of me.


I just tilted my head down out of embarrassment.


He suddenly stopped, I raised my head and met with the fear in his eyes.


I felt someone behind me, I turned and it was Lucian.


He smiled down at me. What is he doing here again?.





Her Demonic Lover



OH no! Not this man



He’s a demon



She’s Human



Fantasy Romance



By Shantel


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