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She stood at the window with her arms folded against her chest staring out the window. She misses Alex like crazy. He had never raised his hands on her like this. And she was the one was refusing his calls. But she still missed him. Last night was like a nightmare to her. The thought of Connor’s body inside hers irritated the life out of her. The way he was groaning and moaning on his own pleasure as he released inside her was like a traumatic experience. Kendra felt like girl who had been raped. In fact she was a girl who had been raped. She still heard the movements of Connor as he dressed up. He was going on a trip and she didn’t even give a d–n. He knew the real reason she was still with him and as the fool he was, he didn’t mind at all.


“I’ll only be gone for two days,Kendra. Don’t think you can use that to gallivant around the city with your lover.”


He said and she felt like hitting him. But she didn’t move she didn’t turn around. He walked up to her and made to place a kiss on her lips but she turned her face away so his kiss landed on her cheek. He looked at her and lowered his face.


“I love you, Kendra. I really do love you and I don’t want you to leave me. I don’t mind the fact that you slept with him, I still want you with me.”


She didn’t utter a word. She didn’t move. He sighed and turned to leave. “I want a divorce, Connor.”


She said without looking at him. He stopped on his tracks and turned to her. “What?”


“I said I want a divorce. I’m tired of this marriage.”


“So you can go back to him?! Impossible! I won’t allow it! You are not going to leave me, you understand. Now if you think you can use this as a medium to sleep with him again, don’t even try my wrath. Because if you do,Kendra you’ll be so sorry.”


With that he stormed out of the room. She stared into space and didn’t move until she heard the sound of his driver starting the car. ********


“Kendra you have to file for a divorce.”


Aliyah said to her. She sighed.


“I know,Aliyah. I know.”


“I cant believe that idiot. So after all those baby faces he has been putting up, he still forced himself on you.Its rape, like it or not. A man shouldnt force s£x on a woman even if she’s his wife or not.”


Aliyah said in anger.


“Honestly i dont know what you’re still doing with this excuse of a man. God knows that i would have given him poison a long time ago.” Kendra smiled at her friend. “I’m sure you would.”


After a few seconds of silence between them, Aliyah went to the closet and pulled out a dress for Kendra. “Alright. Up with you,babe. Let’s go.” Kendra looked at her. “Where to?”


“Where do you think we’re going? To the hospital of course.”


Kendra looked up at her friend who looked back at her in boldness after her funny


and insane discovery. Kendra had come down with a flu which forced her to an


impromptu early morning communion with the toilet bowl whenever she woke up.


And she was beginning to think it was something she ate few days back that wasn’t


so good with her system. Aliyah sat beside her in bed and made a face after she


saw that Kendra wasn’t budging.


“Come on, let’s go.”


She pulled on Kendra’s sleeves.


“Aliyah. I’ve told you to stop bugging me. I know what I ate. Its probably the reason my system is not agreeing with me.” “Probably. But you never can tell.”


“Please don’t bring that scary discovered here. I have a stomach flu. It has happened a million times before.”


“Okay but we still have to go. If it’s malaria or something then you can be treated.” Aliyah shrugged. Kendra sighed and pulled herself from the bed to get dressed.

“I don’t know why you bothered bringing me here,Aliyah. Its useless, trust me.”


She told her friend ,few hours layer after they had seen one of Aliyah’s doctors and


were waiting for a result.


Aliyah shrugged.


“Just so you don’t freak out later, I told the doctor to carry out a pregnancy test on you.”


Kendra looked at her and the started laughing.


“Aliyah. Oh God, I didn’t know you had such faith. Didn’t I tell you that I can’t get pregnant?”


“The doctor said you had to do it so I told her to do it.”



“Oh, please Aliyah. Don’t be silly. That’s not even an expensive joke because its not a joke at all. You and I know that I can’t get pregnant.”


“Okay,Kendra. Point taken but its already done. So all we’ll have to do is wait and see if you’re sick with malaria or not.”


Few minutes later the doctor walked into the office where they sat waiting for her.


She smiled up at Kendra.


“Your test results are ready,dear. Its not malaria or anything, honey. You’re two weeks pregnant.”


The doctor smiled and Aliyah turned a shocked look at Kendra who was blinking severely at the doctor like she couldn’t see clearly. “What?”


Kendra said and the sound of her voice surprised the doctor who was thinking that as a married woman, she should be happy. Aliyah chuckled nervously. “Doctor, are you sure? Because, my friend here can’t get pregnant. Its what her doctor has told her from day one.”


The doctor looked confused at them.


“You can’t get pregnant?”


“Yes. My doctor told me that my womb is damaged.” Kendra said.


“Honey, I don’t know why your doctor will say that to you. Your womb seems to


be very strong,dear. And we don’t make mistakes in test results because we always


try to make the results twice so we get the real one and here’s the both of them


saying the same thing. And your ailment says exactly what your tests result says.


You’re two weeks pregnant.”


Kendra’s jaw dropped.




She hadn’t been able to forget the look on Connor’s face when she told him that she was pregnant the night he got back from work and they settled to have dinner. It was odd and she was confused because even though he hadn’t been hitting her much like before, he didn’t look as happy as a man who had just been informed of being a father to be. He was supposed to be glad but he merely looked at her, grumbled a reply and continued his dinner. She kept thinking about it as she dusted her bedroom the next day, when she pulled open, Connor’s part of his closet to arrange his clothes which the dry cleaner had just delivered,when a pile of papers fell to her feet. She placed the clothes on the bed and bent to pick them. All of them were doctor’s reports. She picked them and was arranging them when she saw what they really were. She blanched and kept reading.


One stated that her husband…Connor Coleman was bipolar.




She said out loud in shock. Bipolar!


Another clearly stated that he had a low sperm count and therefore was unable to get a woman pregnant. Then the third one stated that she, his wife had s strong and for womb.


She knew they had gone to the doctor during their first year of marriage after they had tried in vain to have children and she had been given a report from the family’s doctor.that she could never have children because her womb was damaged. She quickly rushed to her closet and pulled out the file she received from the doctor. They were both from the same hospital and the same doctor had signed the four papers. She nearly fainted when the truth hit her.


Her husband could never get a woman pregnant which meant that she was fit to have children. The fault wasn’t from her, but from Connor.


So, if he was at fault then the baby wasn’t his….it was Alex’s baby…. and she had


just told her husband that she was expecting Alex’s baby!….












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