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Her elder brother woke up and saw her crying. He wondered what was wrong. He was still confused until he saw his mother lying lifeless on the floor.


“Mother!” He screamed and rushed to her side.


He shook her vigorously and started crying when he saw that it wasn’t helping.


“Bro, mum just left us. I’m so scared.” His sister said and he embraced her as they cried together.


“Its alright Sweet..


The goddess is watching.” He told her and they carried their mum’s dead body outside and burnt it.


Then, the girl went in and hid the necklace, but not after telling her brother all she knew about it, and their mum’s last words.


After the death of their mum, life became tough for them. They were poor and always went out to beg but after her death, people started calling them witches and distanced themselves from them.


They always wore masks to cover their faces, and long sleeve shirts to cover their skin, so people never saw how pretty and handsome they were.


The girl had the skin of a goddess. She was fair and beautiful, with blue eyes, long hairs and straight legs, like that of a goddess.


Her skin glowed both in the day and night and no one would pass her without looking twice or even more, at her.


Sometimes, her brother even gets jealous of her ethereal look.


But he was also very handsome, with the look of a Demi god.


Their family was connected to the lineage of the true worshippers of the gooddess and they were always blessed.


Her name was Beauty while his name was Best.










My dad’s illness was getting out of hand. His health was deteriorating every day. I felt so bad, there was nothing I or anyone could do.


All the doctors and local herbalists we called to check on him said his case was strange and rare.


Some said a curse was placed on our family but none of us believed such lies.


My younger brother, Collins was more perturbed than any of us. He has a lot of work to now..


Even the Queen, my mother, Queen Maureen.


I’m just so tired.



I walked into his room. He was lying on the bed, unconscious.


Then I burst into tears. I was still crying when my step sisters, Nice, Carly, Jenny and Rosa walked in and held me.


“Its ok, dear.” They said trying to console me but I knew well, that nothing was ok…












(The Spell)




Authoress Divy


@Authoress Pamela


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