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Still on PAUlA’S POV


I woke up, yawned and stretched on my bed. Then I chanted praises to the goddess for some minutes, before going to the washroom to do some stuffs.


I’m so happy. Today is gonna be a great one. Myself, big bro, Jenny, junior bro Collins and Nice will be going with some guards and maids, to Dark Woods.



I know bro Collins must be very happy. He was the one supervising the affairs of the kingdom when big bro was away, and now, big bro is back.


I didn’t spend much time in the washroom. I rushed out minutes later, in a little towel which covered my some parts of my body.


It was time to dress. I opened my wardrobe and stared confusingly at my clothes.




I don’t know what to wear. Just then, some maids walked in without knocking.


“Sorry my lady, but the Prince seeks your presence.” One of them said.


I eyed her and ordered them to arrange clothes suitable for a journey to the woods and I saw them setting a nice black blouse with a long green jacket and a green trouser to match.


Then, one of them rushed to the shoe rack and brought out a beautiful black boot.


“Done.” They said and rushed out, after bowing.


Fools! I so much hat them. Pftt, uncultured illmannered dirty girls.


I sighed and dressed up immediately. I looked at my self in the mirror and smiled.


Its true. I’m really beautiful, just the way my siblings praise. My hair was curly and long up to my shoulders, very dark and thick. My eyes were ivory and cute.


And I got nice dimples too. I’m just sixteen but my shape and beauty is more than that a sixteen year old girl.


I was still staring at myself in the mirror that stood on my dressing table, when the door of my room cracked open.


It was big bro Williams. He was already dressed up.


“Hey, we are all waiting for you, and you are here staring at yourself in a mirror?”


I smiled and went to the second wardrobe where my jewelleries and bags were kept. And I took a black little bag and hung it to my trouser.


I need the stuffs I kept inside. They might be useful on the way.


Then, I walked up to him, and held his hand. We walked downstairs together, holding hands.


The others were alread prepared, waiting impatiently for me.


Ha! I’m always late, even after hurrying.


We had a quick breakfast and we bid our mums good bye, before leaving, with guards and maids, in a big chariot which contained all of us.










This annoying sister of mine will never let me rest. She talks too much, and sometimes, i wonder if she talks like this, when chanting praises to the goddess.


“Senior, please just listen for once.” She begged. I’m so hungry but this girl won’t let me rest. Hmm, what does she won’t to talk about now?

I turned to her and placed my right hand under my chin.


She smiled. That smile, it is one in a million.


“Thanks, you are the best best best..” She said and pecked me on the cheek. “As I was saying, mother talked about so many things but I didn’t understand. She pointed towards the wall before dying so I think there is something there.”


I was alarmed immediately. All the hunger left me as I sprang up on my feet and rushed to the wall.


She got up from the mat we’ve been sitting on and followed me.


We looked around the wall of the house but found nothing.


Soon, we got tired and sat on the cold tiled floor, resting our backs on the wall. “Maybe we were wrong, maybe that wasn’t what she meant.” I said, tired and tried to place my head on the wall when i mistakely banged my head on the wall, heavily.



“Ouch!” I winced in pain and rubbed the back of my head with my palm. I felt blood gushing out from the injury i sustained.


Beauty rushed out of the room and came back later with a firstaid kit. She cleaned the wound and bandaged it.




Goodness me! It was so painful. She sat down and placed my head on her lap as she sang for me.


With an amazing voice, she sang my best song, ‘It will be alright.’


Just then, we heard cracking sounds and turned to the wall to find a door, an entrance to a secret room.


And I jumped up, forgetting the pain I felt just a minute ago and rushed to the door.


It opened on its own and I ran into the room. Beauty followed me and the door shut behind us.


We embraced each other and looked around. Beauty walked down into the room, admiring the colourful designs in the walls.


The room was decorated with paintings and drawings pasted on the wall. There were golden chairs arranged like it was a sitting room.


There was a fire place at one end of the room. Beauty walked down to the fire place.


I turned and started reading the write ups on the wall.


Suddenly, Beauty screamed and I turned immediately to her.







What happened to darling beauty???


What will they find in the room??





(The Spell)




Authoress Divy


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