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(I loved him but he deceived me)


Authoress Ti Fe


Chapter 9






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I opened my eyes yawning widely, I rub my eyes with my hands to make my vision clear. I looked at the clock and immediately I jumped up to my feet.


“8pm!” I yelled. How come I slept for almost 3 hours on the couch. I took my face cap and wore it in haste.



“Where the hell is Bob!! What is going on?!” I yelled running out of the house.


“Bob!!!!” I called out in front of the house but I didn’t get a response.


“Oh no! Has drug lord capture her?” I asked myself in fear.


I shook my head erasing the thought from my head. I need to see Tom right now, she maybe with him.


“But if she was going to go there she would have told me.”


“She is becoming very playful nowadays.” I said locking the door. I looked around when I didn’t notice anything strange I got on the road.


I walked briskly to Tom’s house on the next street. I was very vigilant about my environment, I kept looking around me to check if I wasn’t really followed.


I was about entering Tom’s street when I saw some troops of people, they were all guys. I felt scared but I composed myself.


I drag my face cap down to cover my face well. I bent my head as I passed them breathing very fast.


Soon I was past them and I could see Tom’s house in front of me. I sighed in relieve and ran to his house.


I knocked on their door trying to calm down. The door opened and I saw Tom’s mother come out.


“You finally came, where is Tom?” She asked and I felt my feet wobble.


“There ain’t here? I haven’t seen Bob either that is why I came.” I stammered.


“What! Where did they go? I thought they were with you.” She said fearfully.



“That was the same thing I thought.” I replied trying not to burst into tears. Drug lord has capture Katharina.


“Honey!! Bob’s father is here and he is saying he doesn’t know where the boys are!” She yelled as tears started to drop down her eyes.


“What?!” He exclaimed rushing to the door.


“It is true. I got home around 5 expecting them from school. I was still waiting for then when I feel asleep on the couch. I woke up now to find out he isn’t back. So I decided to come here thinking he would be here.” I said.


“He isn’t here! Where the f**k are they!” He roared.


“Please calm down honey. Now we need to call the cops right away.” His mother said and I nodded in agreement.


“Come in.” She said and I went in the house feeling very scared.









I drove to the farmhouse with Max and Samuel. I kept wondering throughout the night how they would have slept.


This is so much fun.


“What if we get there and they have escaped?” Max asked and I felt anger burn in me.


“Why will you say that type of thing?” I asked in anger.


“There is no way they would have escaped. The door was locked outside, no windows, no sharp objects. They can never escape.” Sam said confidently.



“You know that is why I love Samuel the most. He is so smart, and you are just a dummy.” I said looking at Max irritatedly.


“I pity them tho. I am sure they would have found the biscuit and water but that can’t be enough for them.” Sam said sadly.


“This is not my business. We will give them food twice a day and when we give them this food, he will drop some snacks for dinner.” I said looking at the plate full of food in Max’s hand.


“That is kind of you.” Max said smiling.


“I don’t want to kill them so why starve them, I just want them to fear me and later I f**k them without stress.” I said grinning.


“I really like Tom.” Sam said smiling stupidly.


“I know you do and I don’t have a problem with that. No one touches Bob, or I will have to blow that person’s head off with my gun.” I said clenching my fist.


“Bob is yours. We ain’t dragging him.” Max said rolling his eyes.


We got to the farmhouse and I walked majestically to the door opening it. I opened it with my legs and walked in to see them jump in fear.


“Hey lovelies.” I said grinning. They didn’t respond but kept staring at me.


“Hope you enjoyed you night.” I said pointing to Max who dropped the food in front of them and went ahead to drop the snacks in the refrigerator.


“Eat up, I don’t want you to starve.” I said walking to the door.


“Simeon why are you dong this? Please let us go. I hands hurt badly.” I heard Bob say with his soft feminine voice.


“Awwn Bob am sorry about that but I can’t let you go. You need to learn never to disrespect me.” I said and walked out with Max and Sam.



I locked the door firmly walking to the car without any guilts.






I looked at Bob sadly wishing I could just get us out of here and strangle Simeon when I see him but I can’t do anything.


“Good morning.” I said sadly.


“Good morning.” He replied weakly.


“Give me your hand, let me try releasing the rope.” I said to him and he stretched his hands to me.


I started battling with the rope with my tied hand, It was hurting but I endured it.


“They tied it quite tight.” He said sighing.


“Yes, but i can still try.” I said and when I saw only my hands couldn’t do it, I used my teeth.


The rope was made from rubber so I could easily place my teeth on it and in no time it was off.


His wrist were already cut due to the struggling and I saw blood around them.


“Let me help you too.” He said and I stretched my hand to him.


He started loosing it and in no time it fell off. My cut were even more deep than his.


“Thank you.” I said rubbing my wrist in pain.


“You have been doing most of the work that is why your hand is deeply cut, I will feed you.” He said carrying the plate.





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