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(I loved him but he deceived me )


Authoress Ti Fe


Chapter 4





“Raph!!! You are telling me up till now you haven’t found their whereabouts!” I yelled angrily.


“Boss, I am tried everything possible to find them but it is as if they disappeared into the tiny air.” He replied fearfully.


“13 years!!!! Good 13 years, that family had ran away from me!!” I yelled making all my workers shiver.


“Boss, its been 13 years. I think it is best to forget about them.” One of my senior worker said and I burned in fury.


I picked up my gun and shot him on his head instantly.


“No one has the right to tell me what to do!!! No one owes me and goes Scot free!!!” I yelled and they all shock fearfully.


“I feel you guys are useless. I need a lady to carry this task.” I said pacing in front of them.


“Sugar, I need you to find me Katharina and her mother!!” I yelled pointing at her.


“Yes boss!” She said nodding.


“Get out everyone!” I yelled and they all ran out.


“Father!!” I heard my son call.


“Come in.” I answered smiling.


“Father.” I called again looking very angry. “Simeon what is wrong?” I asked looking at him. “Father somebody hurt me in school today.” He said. “Who dares hurt my son!” I smacked!


“Father it is some random students, I can handle them myself. All I need is your old farmhouse.” He said.


“My old farmhouse? What do you want to use it for?” I asked.


“Father don’t worry about that. I need to teach those guys a lesson and I nerd that farmhouse.” He said firmly.


“Okay, it is free for you to use but don’t temper with my equipments in it.” I said sighing.


“Thank you father! You are the best!” He said running out.






We got to Bob’s house after he called his father that I would be visiting. We got into the house and I dropped my bag on the couch.


I removed my shirt leaving me in only singlet and trousers. I saw Bob staring at me while I did.


“C’mon remove yours too.” I said grinning.


“What? No, I will go into my room to remove it.” He said walking to his room.


“Bob we are both guys, there is nothing to hide.” I said rolling my eyes.


“See you soon!” He yelled walking into his room.


“You are so annoying! What is wrong in removing your shirt in front of your best friend!” I yelled.


“I am a shy type and you know it!” He yelled back.


“Moron!” I smirked walking to their kitchen.


“I am hungry.” I mumbled holding my tummy. I opened the refrigerator for any eatable thing and fortunately I saw some apples in it.


I picked four of them and placed them in a plate, I took it to the dinning table and sat to devour it.


“Do you care for some apples?!” I yelled again.


“Sure, keep some for me! I will be right there!” He yelled back.


“Okay.” I said rolling my eyes.



Soon his door opened and he came out wearing a very big top and trousers. I bursted into laughter as I saw him.


“Bob what is with you and your dressing sense.” I said admits laughter.


“Tom what is your problem? I love it like this.” He said rolling his eyes like a Lady.


He sat in front of me and took an apple to eat. He brushed his hair backwards with his hand like he was tired.


I stared at him observing his eyes and lips.


“You are so cute.” I said before thinking and I saw him look at me in shock.


“Thank you.” He said shyly.


“I can’t take it if that Simeon tries shit with you again!” I smirked angrily.


“Don’t worry he won’t dare anymore.” He said holding my hands. If I forgot to say this I will say it now.


Bob’s hands are really soft, much softer than mine and his fingers are so beautiful.


“Tom snap out! What were you thinking?” He asked smiling as he ate his Apple.


“Oh Nothing, just remembered some stuffs.” I said smiling.


“Some stuffs you don’t want to share with your best buddy?” He asked pouting his mouth.


“It is nothing Bob.” I smiled roughening his hair.


“Fine if you don’t want to tell me.” He said pouting his mouth, making me notice how round and cute his lips are.


“Let’s take a stroll.” I said standing up.


“I don’t want to.” He said looking angry.


“Bob are you still angry?” I asked but he didn’t reply.


“Okay I will tell you when you decide to follow me.” I said grinning.


“Tom you are so cunny.” He said making me giggle.


“So are you coming?” I asked again.


“Fine, you know how to get me.” He said sighing as he stood up.


“That why I love you.” I said kissing his head. I wanted to hug him but he stopped me.


“I hate hugs.” He said like he was going to puke very soon.


“Sorry, I forgot. And you are yet to tell me why.” I said folding my hands on my chest.


“I am allergic to hugs.” He replied.


I bursted into uncontrollable laughter and he stared at me wondering why.


“Allergic to hugs? That is so insane.” I said admits laughter. I saw him look at me angrily and I cautioned my laughter.


“Sorry, just that it sounds stupid.” I said and he left for the door without saying anything.


“I am sorry!” I yelled running after him.



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