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(I loved him but he deceived me )


Authoress Ti Fe


Chapter 3




I tried standing up with the help of Max. I shoved off his hand from me angrily.


“Are you nuts!!! You just let those idiots escape!” I yelled as I still feel pains.


“I am sorry, I couldn’t just leave you in pain.” He said bowing.


“Oh really? So are you helping me rub it now?” I smacked making him jump.


“I am sorry.” He said again.


“Next time this happens I won’t spare you. I will report you to dad and the next minute you are gone ” I said proudly.


“It won’t happen again.” He said fearfully.


“Good! Now change of plans.” I said smiling wickedly.


“And this time Samuel will be present, he is smarter than you are.” I said rolling my eyes. And all he did was nod to what I was saying.


“My father has this abandoned farm house, I want you two to capture Tom and Bob on their way home. You take them to the farm house and wait for my instructions.” I said combing my hair.


“Sir won’t that be kidnapping? Why not let me find you another handsome boy .” Max said and I felt anger raise him me.


“How dare you question me!! Are you insane?? Do you want to die!” I yelled.


“No sir, I am sorry.” He said bowing.


“Be careful Max or you will regret knowing me. Now release the cafeteria to the students, I am done here.” I said as I spat on the floor before walking away.


That confidence has been built In me since I was very young. Anyone who offended me and I report to my father ends up been dead.


I have watched my father kill times without number and, I feel it is really cool seeing people die in their own pool of blood.


Now Tommy and Bobby have passed their limits and they are going to pay!! I will handle this case myself.


I will show them the stuff I am made of and why I am feared even till tomorrow.






I carried the sweets I made for Tom in a plate outside his school gate. It was 3pm and I knew they will be out soon.


I attend an only girl school and we close earlier than Tom.


Tom lives next to my house on Torbay Street. I have been having a huge crush on him since I was 7.


He gave me the attention I needed but all of a sudden he stopped visiting as usual.


He was now always with a boy from his school called Bobby. He is also very cute, he looks just like a Lady and even has the voice of a lady.


I started getting jealous seeing them together, but I later shrugged it off. Bobby is a guy and Tom isn’t gay so there is nothing to worry about.



I saw Tom and Bobby walk out of the school gate laughing. I became happy as I saw them.


I rushed to them smiling sweetly.


“Hey Tommy.” I called.


“Barbie!” He called smiling.


“Hi!” Bobby said coldly.


“How was school?” I asked facing Tom.


“Annoying.” He said rolling his eyes making me giggle.


“I will excuse you two.” Bob said walking away. Tom wanted to call him back but I stopped him.


“Let him be.” I said smiling.


“I don’t want to keep him waiting.” He said looking at him.


“Oh I brought you this.” I said raising up my plate of sweets.


“Awn thanks Barbie, this is nice of you.” He said smiling. I stretched it to him but he didn’t accept it.


“Bob do you care for some sweets?” He yelled.


“No!” He replied smiling.


“Sorry Barbie I don’t want some. But thank you so much for the care.” He said smiling.


“Tommy I made this for you, not for him.” I said pointing at Bobby.



“Yes I know, but if he isn’t interested, I am not either. See you at home at night.” He said running to Bob.


Did Tom just reject my offer because of his friend? This isn’t ordinary, there is more to this.


I saw them smile ay each other and walking away leaving me with my plate of sweets.


The students looked at me laughing and I ran away feeling very embarrassed.






I feel extremely jealous when I see Tom and Barbie together. She is also a very beautiful young girl.


“Tom you shouldn’t have rejected her offer.” I said smiling.


“Forget about that, I don’t want it if you don’t.” He said rubbing my hair.


“Aren’t you going home?” I asked when I remembered he wasn’t passing his route home.


“I am staying at you side till 8pm.” He said jumping up.


“What? Why? What of your parents?” I asked.


“Don’t worry about them, I will put a call across to them. Home is always boring when you are not around.” He said kissing my cheek making me giggle.


“Okay but father will still be at work.” I said smiling.


“I know and that doesn’t matter. Hold on, you and your father speaks so much like ladies. Why?” He asked furrowing his brows.


“I don’t know, I guess that is how we were created.” I stammered faking a smile.


“Wow, I really wish I heard such tiny voice.” He said giggling.


“I bet you don’t want it.” I said rubbing his hair.


“I told you I hate when you roughen my hair!” He yelled and I started running laughing really hard.


“And I have always told you I love it.” I said as he ran towards me.












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