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(I loved him but he deceived me)


Authoress Ti Fe


Chapter 8





Immediately they left my shop I packed up the little goods I can carry, and put them in a big sack. Time to leave this place.


I locked up my shop and looked at it one last time before walking away. I need to quickly get home so I can pack Bob’s stuffs too.


I walked home looking around me times without numbers making sure I wasn’t been followed, I can’t afford to be caught.



I got home and rushed inside looking the door behind me. I rushed to my room and started packing my clothes in my travelling bag.


I packed some of my shoes and money into the bag also. I took the newest of my things and packed them neatly.


I packed the bags to the living room and rushed into Katharina room to pack hers. I took few clothes from her closet and also some of her footwears.


I placed them in her travelling bag and dragged it to the living room.


“I am set.” I said dusting my palms.


I looked at the wall clock and I saw it was past 5. What is going on? Bob should have been home by now.


“Take a deep breath, it is nothing. She is just playing around, wait for her.” I said to myself taking a deep breath.


I sat on the chair tapping my feet on the floor nervously. I looked at the time and I saw it was flying very fast.


“She will soon be here.” I said laying on the couch to rest my busy head.






….. AT 7PM ….


I looked around for my bag and I couldn’t find it.


“They even took our bags.” I said feeling provoked.


“They must have seen our cellphones in them, they won’t us calling the cops.” Tom said sadly.


“I am so tired, my hands hurts badly.” I said weakly.


“I am sorry.” Tom said.


“Its not your fault Tom, don’t feel bad about it.” I said.


“Simeon is so mischievous, he didn’t even put us in a room with windows.” Tom said looking really vexed.


“I hope I can survive the night here, its so hot.” I said blowing air on my body with my mouth.


“Me too, the heat is so much.” He said trying to get his shirt off.


“You removing your shirt?” I asked.


“Of course, that is the best thing now. Please help me with this.” He said moving closer to him.


I used my tied hands to help him pulled his shirt off his head. He had a white singlet on.


“Thanks Bob.” He said smiling.


“You welcome.” I said looking away.


“Ain’t you going to remove yours?” He asked looking at me.


“No, I will be fine.” I said putting on a fake smile.


“Are you sure? I can help you.” He said moving close to me.


“No its fine. I will just lay now.” I said laying on the floor. I saw him stand up and move around the room.


He came back with a wrapper in his hands.


“Here lay on this.” He said laying the wrapper on the floor.


“Where did you get this?” I asked perplexed.


“Sighted it around the corner. Here sleep on it.” He said smiling.


“Thanks.” I said dragging my body to the top of it.


“Sleep tight.” He said smiling.


“Come sleep here.” I said tapping the space on the wrapper close to me.


“Bob it won’t be convenient.” He said sadly.


“I don’t care. Come now.” I said and he walked to me laying beside me.


“Thank you.” He replied shyly. He laid on his side facing me and we both stared at each other speechlessly.


I really would I could kiss him but I can’t. He has been so nice and caring to me, but I kept lying to him. I felt so guilty.


“Goodnight.” I said shutting my eyes.


“Goodnight Bob.” He replied. I tried do hard to fall asleep but it wasn’t working, this is going to be a very long night.


I opened my eyes slightly to look at him but I couldn’t see him. It was already dark outside and the inside was also dark.


“Tom.” I whispered.


“Yes.” He replied whispering too.


“Are you still awake?” I asked again.


“Yes, it’s so hard to sleep.” He said weakly.


“Same here, I don’t feel save one bit. I am scared of the dark.” I said fearfully.



“Really? Then let me wrap you in my arms. That will give you a little confidence.” He said and before I could reply he moved me closer and passed his tied hands on top of my head.


He held me to him and I felt feel his breath on my face. Wow we are really close.


His hands were at my back holding me firmly.


While my own tied hands were in our middle.


“How about now?” He asked.


“It is better thanks.” I replied as I inhaled his scent. He really smells nice.


“Goodnight.” He whispered in my ears and I shivered as he did.


“Goodnight.” I replied closing my eyes.



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