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(I loved him but he deceived me)


Authoress Ti Fe


Chapter 15





I was at the edge of sleeping when I heard some arguments in front of my door.


“I need to speak to him now.”


“He is asleep, you can’t disturb him.”


“It is urgent, it is about Mrs Morris.” I heard and my eyes widened.


“Send her in!” I yelled sitting up on my bed.


The door opened and Shugar rushed in looking sweaty.


“What is going on?” I asked eagerly.


“Boss I was going to every street when I got to a particular street in Yellow hills. I asked around for Mrs Morris and I got some information.” She said breathing hard


“Spill it already Shugar!.” I yelled.


“I got this from the man.” She said giving me her phone.


I took it in haste and looked into it to see Jude in it.


“What is the meaning of this?” I asked in confusion.


She moved closer and swiped the phone showing me the picture of Mrs Morris.


“This shot was taken when her disguise was off. The neighbor told me the so called Jude is Mrs Morris.” She said and my mouth dropped.


I began to remember the first time I saw her in the mall, the way she exclaimed when she saw me. The time I stared into her eyes the look of fear on her.


“But what is she doing here?” I asked myself aloud.


“We can’t know now till we get her first.” Shugar said looking fully ready for anything.


“Call me Simeon!” I yelled and she ran out of the room.


“You think you are smart Morris. No you aren’t, I am smarter.”






I packed some money from my drawer in haste and carried our already packed bags. I took some yogurt from my fridge and injected it with some sleeping drugs I packed from the mall.


I rushed out of the house and locked the door. I headed to Tom’s house in haste making sure I was so vigilant.


I kept having the feeling things may go wrong, but I knew backing off now is the worse option ever.


I got to Tom house and I looked around me before knocking on the door. It was late already and I knew they may be asleep.



Surprisingly the door opened faster than expected.


“Mr Jude. What are you doing here with all these load?” Tom’s father asked.


“It is a long story. I have seen Tom, he was kidnapped and the best thing now is that he leaves this vicinity because the person that has him and Bob has power over the cops.” I rapped hurriedly.


“Can’t we go with you? Where are they?” He asked in haste.


“No just stay here with ma’am. They will be fine with me, we will give you a call in the morning. Bye.” I said running away.


I ran very quick to the mall and I sighed in relive when I saw the door was still how I left it.


I dropped my bags at the door and took the yogurt in my hands. I breathed in and out before walking into the mall.


“Hey guys!” I called to Drug Lord men who were at full alert.


“Hey Jude.” They replied happily.


“Here is the yogurt. Drink up, I will go check up on the kids.” I said and they nodded.


I walked to the back of a cabinet and watched them drink the yogurt real quick. I rushed to where Tom and Bob were.


“We need to move now! The injection works in seconds.” I said helping them up.


“What injection?” Bob asked.


“Katherina not now.” I said as I peeped to look at the guards who were already drowning in their own sleep.



“I will get the bags.” I said running to the door. I ran to the door and was about picking the bags when I saw the headlights of a coming vehicle shone on me.


“Shit!” I said carrying the bag in haste and locking the door with the keys.


“Mother what is going on?” Katherina asked staring at me.


“Drug lord is here, I think we have been discovered.” I said fearfully.


“What do we do?” Tom asked.


“We use the back door.” I said running to the back door while they followed me. I brought out the torch in my bag pointing it to the key that I was going to open the door.


We started hearing bangs on the main door and I felt fear grip me.


“Mother be fast!” Katherina yelled and the door opened instantly.


I allowed both of them out first before I moved out. I was locking the door when I heard the main door crash to the ground.


“Follow me.” I whispered as we started running far from the mall.


“Mother where are we heading to now?” Katherina asked as we ran.


“To the nearest bus stop, we need to take a bus out of town now. Tomorrow will be too late, he will hunt us down and kill us.” I said.


“We won’t be able to see any bus this night.” She said again.


“We will, okay?” I replied praying so hard that we see.


“What of my parents?” Tom asked.


“I have informed them and they are fine with it. We will give them a call tomorrow.” I said as we got to the nearest bus stop.



Everywhere was silent and empty, nobody no buses.


“Now we will have to die.” Katherina said in tears.


“We won’t die Bob, a bus will be here very soon.” Tom said hugging her.








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