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(I loved him but he deceived me)


Authoress Ti Fe


Chapter 7




I drove very fast to the farmhouse feeling so happy. Two scapegoats all under my control, so great!!



I packed close to the farmhouse and Max and Sam jumped down the truck checking the road to make sure we aren’t seen.


They quickly opened the door and they carried them, running into the farmhouse. I closed the door looking around before following them into the house.


They dropped them on the floor and stepped aside waiting for my order. I carried an old wooden chair from beside me and moved it close to where they sat. “Remove the sack.” I said grinning.


They removed the veil from their faces and they looked around them fearfully.


“Hey guys!” I yelled and they flinched in fear. They held each other very tight.


“Simeon what is the meaning of all this?” Tom asked angrily.


“You want to know the meaning? You will know the meaning after you use 2 weeks here.” I said laughing.


“What? Please don’t do this, my father can’t take it.” Bob said with a pleading tone and he looked cute as he did.


“Awwn I am sorry Bob, but you crosses your limit the day you hit me on my balls.” I said.


“We are sorry, please let us go. We will never do it again.” Bob said fearfully but Tom kept a straight face.


“I don’t think you guys are. Don’t worry I will let you go after two weeks. I will be coming every day to check up on you.” I said walking to the door.


“But we won’t survive here without food or water, please Simeon.” Bob said in a teary tone.


“Don’t worry about food and water, that will be provided. Just prepare yourself for me when I come.” I said walking out.


Max and Sam followed me and shut the door behind us.


“But why don’t you just f==k them and let them go?” Max asked.


“You really want to die! How dare you question me?” I yelled in anger.


“Simeon to be honest Max is right.” Sam said.


“I want them to pay for what they did to me. I want my fear to be built in them, then after that I will f==k their a==es and let them go.” I said firmly.




“Bob are you okay?” I asked him checking his body.


“I am not fine!! I need to go home!” He said bursting into tears and I felt so sorry for him.


“I am sorry for all this Bob.” I said trying to touch him.


“Don’t touch me! If that you let go of your pride and begged him when I did, he would have considered!” He yelled looking away from me.



To be sincere its all my fault. I should have just begged him, but I let pride get the best of me.


“Bob.” I called but he moved away from me not looking at me.


I tried moving my hands but they were tightly tied. How on earth are we supposed to escape from here when our hands are so tight.


I struggled with it and instead of it to loosen, it kept tearing my flesh. I stopped tiredly looking around for anything sharp.


I stood up with the support of the chair that was in front of me. I walked around the room looking for something useful but I couldn’t see any. I looked at Bob and I saw he was still sobbing.


“Please stop crying Bob, save your strength.” I said but he ignored me.


“I swear I am sorry.” I said sitting in front of him. He looked away again but I pulled his face back to me with my tied hands.


“Please forgive me, I can’t take it when you are angry with me.” I said as tears rolled down my cheeks.


I saw him look at me in shock, this is the very first time he will see my cry. And that is because I regret putting him in all this mess, he is so fragile. “Stop crying Tom, I have forgiven you.” He said trying to smile.


“Truly?” I asked.


“Yes.” He said using his tied hand to rub my hair.


“Not again!” I smirked making him giggle.


“We need to find a way out of here.” He said looking around.


“Yes but there are not windows here, not eveb a nail to get this rope off our hands.” I said raising up my hands tiredly.


“This isn’t good. Father will be worried sick about me.” He said sadly.


“Don’t worry, I will cook up something.” I said still examinating the room.


“How come Simeon even got this place? Did he rent it?” He asked.


“No, it is his father’s.” I replied looking at him.


“His fathers?” He asked.


“Yes, his father is a very big drug lord here. So he needs this kind of houses to store his drugs.” I replied.


“Drug lord everywhere.” He said rolling his eyes.


“Everywhere? Which of them do you know?” I asked in surprise.


“One of them like that, but he doesn’t stay here. Let’s forget about that, the issue now is that we get out if this place.” He said and I nodded in agreement. Soon his tummy grumbled loudly and he looked at me weakly.


“I am hungry.” He said sadly.



“I am coming.” I said standing up from his front. I should be able to see something eatable here.


I walked to a nearby refrigerator and I saw some biscuits on a plate in it. I guess Simeon put them there for us.


I struggled to carry it out with my tied hands and thank God it didn’t pour away.


I carried it to Bob careful and placed in front of him.


“Thank God he even left something.” He said moving his hands to eat.


“Come on let’s eat together.” He said as he chewed the biscuits.


“I will get water.” I said walking to the same refrigerator. I took the only bottle water in it and walked back to Bob.


I places the water beside the plate and sat to eat. I wanted to take a biscuit but he stopped me.


He took one in his hands and moved it to my mouth.


“Seriously?” I said furrowing my brows.


“You have been going up and down since, let me feed you.” He said smiling. I smiled and opened my mouth slightly to bite it.


I took a small portion from it and chewed it shyly. He smiled and threw the rest


into his mouth.





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