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(I loved him but he deceived me)


Authoress Ti Fe


Chapter 13




They dropped us in the same former room. They tied us so tight that my hands began to hurt badly.


“You know, I would have so enjoyed killing you. But the boss said he will do it himself and that is why you are still alive now!” One of them barked spitting stinking saliva on our faces.


He stood up and sat on the chair opposite us. My heart kept beating very fast as I watched all of them. They looked so harmful.


“Bob we will be fine,I know this.” Tommy whispered into my ear.


“We cannot be fine. Can’t you see we will be killed?” I said in fear. Before he could reply me, the door opened and I saw Simeon walk in grinning stupidly.


“Well well well, I don’t have much to say to you guys, but before I do anything I want you to meet who will help me in slicing both of you.” He said and my heart started bearing really fast.


“Jude.” He called, and I looked at Tommy wondering who Jude was, I only knew Sam and Max.


I saw Tommy look up in shock and I was forced to look up.


“Mo…” I said but pushed after seeing her signal.


“So you guys are the scapegoats hun?” Mother said grinning wickedly.


What is she doing here? How did she know we were here? What if she get caught?


“Jude let’s get to business. Bring In the knives.” Simeon said and they carried in a large bag.


I looked at mother and i saw her look in fear but she cautioned herself.


Since she is in her disguise and they know her to be Jude and not my father,I don’t think will go wrong.


Tho I keep wondering how she would safe us with Simeon and his guards around. Simeon opened the bag and brought out a very shinning looking knife, it looked very sharp eveb from afar.


“Here is yours. Take the girl looking boy, and I will take this rude guy!” He smacked looking at Tommy.


Mother walked to me fearfully and I wondered what would happen next. I know for sure mother can never kill me, but how would she achieve that when everyone is here.


He got to the front of Tom and took his hand placing the knife on his wrist angrily.


My mouth dropped open.


“Mother please do something!” I prayed silently.


“Wait Simeon.” She said and I sighed in relieve.


“What is it Jude? You are disturbing!” He said in frustration.


“Don’t you think we should give them a better punishment than this?” Mother asked.


“What do you mean?” He asked.


“They called you a coward boss. You need to make them suffer for it, more than just slicing them.” Jude (mother) said.


“Hmmm I think that is correct, you are smart.” Simeon replied smiling.


The door opened and I almost fainted when I saw the person who entered.


“Drug lord? What the hell! What is he doing here?” I thought fearfully looking at mother, and i saw her in shock too.


“Father.” Simeon called and immediately I felt an itchy feeling in my throat making me couch.


“He is Simeon’s father? Did mother even know this? Was he the drug lord Tommy was talking about? Oh God, this is bad!


Hey son, this are the bastard right?” He said bringing out a pistol and corking it. “Wait dad. Jude told me I should make them suffer even more for calling me a coward.” Simeon said standing in front of us.


“Who is Jude?” He asked looking confused.


“He is here, he came in search of a job. And I must confess he is wise.” Simeon said smiling.


And truly mother is wise.






I stood firmly looking at Drug Lord and his son. I really wanted to strangle him right there, but I can’t, not now.


“Wise?” He asked furrowing his brows. He looked at me and started walking to me,I felt my lips shiver but I kept a straight face.



He came very close to me staring into my face, and one time I began to think he recognized me.


“You are the man that sells at the mall right?” He asked me.


“Ah yes, I am.” I replied smiling fearfully.


“Why are you now looking for a job?” He asked looking at me with great suspicion.


“Erhnn I, I ..! The goods were stolen, and I was robbed of all my money.” I stammered nodding.


“So why did you choose here of all places?” He asked again making me feel more nervous.


“I have really wanted to be around you since I have been hearing about you. That is why I came, please accept me.” I said holding my hands.


“Hmmm he will be useful. Just do all you want to do, I need this farmhouse now.” He said walking out.


I closed my eyes and breathed in severally feeling so relieved. I was so scared I would get caught, the questions were growing intense.


“So what do we do now?” Simeon asked me.


“I have an idea. We need to move them away from here since the boss needs this place.” I said looking at Bob and Tom. They kept looking at me in confusion.


“But where to?” He asked again.


“I have a place.” I replied smiling.


“Wow nice. You really are a smart guy.” He said and I laughed inwardly. Only if he knew who I really was.







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