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(I loved him but he deceived me)


Authoress Ti Fe


Chapter 6







Since yesterday I haven’t been myself. I kept thinking about what happened, the kiss was so intense.


Bob is so mad at me and I hate myself for that. I shouldn’t have been carried away by his beauty.


He is a guy for crying out loud!! And neither of us is gay. Tom you are so stupid!


I sat on my seat thinking of how I will be able to talk to Bob today after how I behaved.


I rested my head on the desk not wanting to talk to anyone. I just want yo be alone.


“Hi.” I heard Bob said close to me. Oh God, how will I look at him now.


“Hi.” I said without raising up my head.


“Tom about yesterday I..” He said but I cut him off.


“I swear it will never happen again. I am sorry.” I said in haste looking at him. He was looking more handsome than ever before.



This is so insane!! What is wrong with me?


“Okay, but don’t act weird because of it. It was a mistake and that shouldn’t disturb our friendship.” He said smiling.


“Okay, thanks.” I replied feeling happy.


The class door open and Simeon came in looking more devilish. His two friends walked in behind him feeling big, stupid fellas!!


“Oh no, not again!” Bob said fearfully. I started shivering but I kept a straight face on.


He walked up to us and the class went dead silent. Everyone kept wondering what he would do this time.


“Hey.” He said sitting in front of Bob, while Max and Sam stood in front of me like bodyguards.


“Did you miss me?” He said trailing his finger on his face and stopped right on his lips.


“Please go away.” Bob said fearfully.


“Your voice makes me horny.” He said and I started to burn in anger.


“Step away from him!” I yelled angrily.


“Wait, what is your problem with Bob?” He asked facing me.


“He is my best friend and I can’t let you do anything stupid to him okay!” I smacked. Max and Sam came closer to me but Simeon stopped them.


“Just admit you love your buddy here but you can’t do anything because you ain’t gay.” He said mockingly, and truly he was right.



“Say whatever nonsense you want to say, but I promise you will never have him!” I smacked and I heard murmurings from the students.


The door opened again and our teacher walked in. I sighed in relieve because I know he can’t do anything to me as long as d teacher is here.


“We will see about that then. See you after school.” He said standing up and walking out with his bodyguards behind him.


“Tom you are really brave to be able to face Simeon, but you need to be careful.


You know how dangerous he is.” He said fearfully.


“Yeah I know, but I can’t just sit and watch him behave like a god. We need to stick together after school.” I said.


“Okay, who knows what he is up to this time.” He replied with fear all over him.






I stood in my provision shop attending to customers. To be honest, acting like a man isn’t easy at all.


I and my daughter has been on the run ever since my husband died. I can’t let Drug Lord see me or my daughter if not we are finished.


I attended to all the customers and they all went out. I sat tiredly cleaning my sweat off my face.


Soon some people came into my store, they were wearing Blacks throughout. Well, there is nothing to fear. I can’t be recognized and I am just a seller.


“Welcome, please what can i get for you?” I asked faking my voice to that of a man.


A man walked to the front wearing a black glasses. He removed and glasses and alas!!


“Drug lord!!” I yelled before thinking.


“How dare you scream that!” He yelled angrily.


“I am sorry, I was just surprised to see someone as important as you in my store.” I said trying to smile.


“Whatever, I need some stuffs here. Guys start buying.” He said sitting on a chair. When did he get to Yellow Hills? Oh God this is bad! We are close to danger now! We need to run for our dear lives.


Any slight mistake now we are gone. I watched them shop in fear and when they were done, they brought all the bought.


“300$” I said as I calculated all they bought. The guys paid me and drug lord left with his guys.


I was still shivering even when they had gone far. I never thought I would ever see him here. Once Bob is back we are moving immediately.





The school alarm rang telling us to go home, I couldn’t stop thinking about Simeon’s statement tho I tried to.


“Let’s move Bob.” Tom said standing in front of me already set to go home.


“I am scared Tom.” I said fearfully.


“Nothing will happen okay? It is just an empty threat. We will stand together and fight him if he does anything stupid.” He said pulling me up to my feet.


I carried my bag sluggishly and trailed behind him as we left the class. I kept looking sideways to check if we aren’t been followed.


We got outside the school and I was even scared of leaving Tom.



“I will follow you home to make sure you are safe.” Tom said and I felt happy. At least two is better than one.


“Thank you, I really appreciate that.” I said happily.


We walked down the normal path and I held onto Tom’s hand firmly.


“You see that it was all a brag, he won’t do anything.” Tom said smiling. I nodded and we kept going.


There wasn’t traces of anything and when u was just about gaining comfort Sam and Max jumped out of the bushes around us holding sacks.


We halted in fear immediately and they started walking to us smiling wickedly.


“What do you want!” Tom yelled as we moved to the back suddenly.


“Run!” I yelled as while we were about running, a truck stopped right in front of us.


Our faces were covered with the sacks and we were bundled and thrown into the truck.






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