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(I loved him

but he deceived me




Authoress Ti Fe


Chapter 5






Max, Samuel and I walked to the dad’s old farmhouse chatting happily.


“I am imaging how tight Tom’s a== will be.” Max said and we all bursted into laughter.


“I knew you like him right from start.” Samuel said trying to stop laughing.


“I noticed too, but I didn’t mind since he isn’t my target. It is Bobby I want. That guy is so cute!” I said grinning.


“Yea!! He is really cute and I wish he could be mine too.” Sam said smiling.


“Back off boy!! He is mine!” I said firmly.


“Chill Simeon, I am just saying.” Sam said giggling.


“Sometimes I even think he is a lady, the way he talks and behaves.” I said staring into space.


“Someone is in love.” Max said looking at me.


“Shut up!” I said smiling.


“Once I capture both of them and hide them in this farmhouse for good 2 weeks, they will have no choice than to beg me to f==k their a==es.” I said grinning.


“Go Simeon!” They both chorused.


We got to the farmhouse and I opened it and walked in. The house was full of cobwebs and dust.



I closed my nose and moved into it. I broke the cobwebs on my way using my hand.


The house looked quite comforting for arrogant people. Sam and Max went around surveying the house.


“This is perfect!” Max said and I nodded in agreement.


“Now the plan is simple, tomorrow when they are in their way home, We wait for them behind the bushes.


I cover their faces with a cloth and then I will come with father’s truck, you will throw them in it and them we zoom off.” I said smiling wickedly.


“Great idea!” Sam said happily.






Tommy kept running after me and I ran as fast as I could but he ended up catching me.


“That’s… Enough.” I said trying to breathe well.


“Yea I can’t breathe well ” He said breathing really hard.


“You are too playful!” I said walking away.


“You know I prefer playing to reading, I hate books.” He said laughing.


“Let’s go back home now, I need to rest.” I said tiredly.


“Yeah me too, I need to take a shower then jump on my bed.” He replied.


I started walking back home tiredly and Tom noticed that. He walked to my front and bent in front of me.


“What are you trying to do again?” I asked feeling tired.


“Are you also allergic to backs?” He said giggling.


“Wait, you want to carry me on your back?” I asked in shock.


“Come on, you are tired and I am still very strong.” He said still squatting in front of me.


“Don’t worry Tommy, I am okay.” I said laughing.


“Bob I am serious, climb on my back.” He said sounding really serious.


“Fine.” I said rolling my eyes. I claimed his back wrapping my hands around his neck.


He stood up and I wrapped my legs around his waist. He folded him hands right underneath my a== and I shivered under his touch.


“Are you okay now?” He asked turning his head sideways to look at me.


“Yes.” I replied smiling.


“Okay, we will be home in few minutes.!” He said boldly.


We started moving and I really enjoyed it, it scent kept penetrating my nostrils and he smelts nice.


I rested my head on his shoulders moving my hands to his chest. I noticed his breathing started growing intense.


“Tom put me down, you are breathing hard already.” I said feeling pity for him.


“No, we will be home very soon.” He said and I heard tiredness in his tone.


“Tom, put me down.” I said as we got into my compound.



He released his grip from under my b==ts and bent to put me down as we entered into the living room.


I climbed down from his back and he fell to the ground facing me, he still held unto my hand and I ended up falling on him.


Our Faces were so close and we started to stare at each other. I felt him stare at my lips and I stared back at his.


To my surprise he raised his head to meet my and took my lips in his closing his eyes.


My eyes widened in shock and I stood up from him hurriedly.


“Tom! What were you thinking?” I asked looking away.


“I am sorry Bob, I was carried away by your cuteness.” He said feeling sorry.


“We are not gay Tom, you should have done that.” I said still trying not to look at him.


“I hate myself right now.” He said walking to carry his bag. I remained silent keeping a straight face.


“See you tomorrow. I am sorry.” He said walking to the door.


I sighed and turned to face him.


“I am sorry, I was just surprise.” I said.


He nodded sadly and walked out. I wanted to call him back but I decided to let him go.


If he stays here another one minute I will end up doing something really nasty and I don’t want that.



I sat on the couch replaying the scenario all over and over again in my head as I kept brushing my lips with my fingers.









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