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(I loved him but he deceived me)


Authoress Ti Fe


Chapter 11






I sat in my inner room doing the best thing I can do, sniffing cocaine. I heard a knock on the door interrupting the enjoyment.


“Who the hell is that?” I asked cleaning the powder off my nose.


“Toto sir.” He said.


“What do you want?” I replied harshly.


“The stuffs has arrived and we have started filling the farmhouses.” He rapped.


“So?” I asked feeling very frustrated.


“There is no more space, and their are still many stuffs on ground.” He replied.


“No more space? Wow the stuffs this time around is quite large. Call me Simeon.” I said sniffing another powder.



“Okay Lord.” He said and I heard him walk away.








The door opened and Simeon walked in looking very sleepy.


“Father they woke me from my nap, they are supposed to be killed.” He said yawning.


“Sorry about that. I asked them to call you.” I replied as he sat in front of me.


“What is it?” He asked rubbing his eyes.


“I need the farmhouse latest tomorrow.” I said and I saw his eyes widen.


“Tomorrow? Why?” He asked.


“Space is exhausted for my stuffs, so I will be needing the farmhouse.” I said firmly.


“But my goats are still there.” He added.


“I know. Just dispose them, or rather release them before tomorrow.” I said firmly.


“but father, I threatened to keep then there for two weeks.” He said sadly.


“Hasten whatever you want to do. Tomorrow afternoon my stuffs should have been in that farmhouse. You can leave.” I said firmly.


He stood up angrily and stormed out of the room. Well that isn’t my problem, my stuffs are important to me than anybody or anyone.





“Please listen to me Tommy. I am sorry.” I said tearily. I was so scared to even move close to him.


“I just want one thing from you. Tell me why you had to lie to me!” He yelled with tears in his eyes.


“I was scared!! I thought I would be endangering myself if I told you!” I yelled back in tears.


“Scared? Of what? How will telling me you are a lady endanger you! Will I rape you? Or take advantage of you!” He smacked standing up.


“Tommy please stop yelling!” I yelled standing up and moving close to him, I started to hit his chest lazily


“You hurting me Tommy, I know I am at fault but I have my reasons.” I said hitting my head on his chest deep in tears.


“Bobby.” He called calmly.


“I am in danger Tom, if the real me is know I will not survive another day.” I said looking at him in tears.


“Please explain to me. Make me understand.” He said cupping my face.


“My father took a loan from a drug Lord, he wasn’t able to pay before the signed date, so we was killed by the Lord. And he is also after us, that is why we fled.” I said bowing slightly.


“Us?” He asked.


“Mother and I. Father isn’t actually a man, she is my mother in disguise. I am sorry Tom.” I said hugging him tightly.


“I am sorry too, I never knew there was so much to this.” He said hugging me too.


“Hope I haven’t lost my best friend.” I said looking into his eyes.



“No. I am actually kinda happy about this.” He said smiling.


“Why?” I asked.


“I didn’t actually kiss a boy. I am not in love with a guy after all.” He said cupping my face with his hands.


“In love?” I asked feeling a little confused.


“I have been in love with you, but I was scared to say it. You would have thought I am insane or possibly gay.” He said smiling.


“I.. I actually have feeling for you too, but I thought it would be insane if i told you.” I said smiling.


He lowered his face to mine and I closed my eyes expecting his lips on mine.


Before it could meet, we heard a sound behind the door.


“They are here!” He whispered pulling me to sit. We quickly hid our hands behind us and put on a very tired looking face.


The door opened and we saw Simeon storm in looking very angry.


“So plans changed!! I need to do whatever I want to do so you can vacate this place.” He said looking very angry.


“What of Max and Sam?” Tom asked trying to be friendly.


“They are busy. And who are you to ask me questions? Let’s get you f**led.” He said turning to remove his wristwatch.


Immediately Tom stood up and ran to hit holding him by the neck.


“Tom!” I called in shock.


“Are you insane?” Simeon managed to say as he struggled with him.


“Bob come hit him on his d**k!” Tom said.


“What? Why?” I asked.


“Do it! We need to leave this place!” He said. I quickly stood up and rushed to them, I shut my eyes tight and kicked his d**k with all my strength.


“Arrrghh!” He groaned aloud rolling on the floor.


“Bob let’s move.” Tom yelled carrying our bags. I quickly took mine from him and we both ran out of the house.






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