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(I loved him but he deceived me )


Authoress Ti Fe


Chapter 2





I tried calming my temper after the History lecturer came into the class. Simeon is such a jerk!


How could he kiss Bobby! I wouldn’t mind if it was another person but Bobby!! No way.


I have always liked Bob very much. We have been so close since we met in this school.


He looks so much like a girl and sometimes I wished he was. I wouldn’t hesitate dating him.


His eyes and lips are exactly like that of a lady. Most time we play to the extent that our faces will be so close.


I would stare at his lips for so long before cautioning myself, I am not a gay! Thinking of kissing my boy best friend is really insane.


And now the lips I have been craving for Simeon came from no where and had it.


Tho he is a gay and I am not, I don’t f**king care.


All I want is for Bobby and I to be together forever.


“Tommy submit your assignment and stop thinking!” Bob whispered aloud in my ear jolting me out of my thought.


“Ah Mr Reeves.” I said pointing my book to him.



“How was the journey?” He asked and the whole class giggled except for Bob who kept staring at me.


He walked away and I looked at Bob.


“What were you thinking that didn’t let you notice Mr Reeves?” He asked furrowing his brows.


“Ah Nothing.” I said grinning.


“Tom!!” He called stressing the word.


“Fine, was just thinking of how to get even with Simeon.” I replied clenching my fist.


“Tom C’mon, forget about Simeon.” He said rolling his eyes like that of a lady.


“You are too cute and that is the reason why they are all over you.” I said smiling and I saw him blush hard.


“They ain’t after me alone, you are also involved so don’t flatter me.” He said smiling.


“You know Bob, I really wish you were a Lady. I would have made you my girlfriend by now.” I said looking into my bag.


I was expecting his reply but I heard none. I looked up and I saw him staring at me.


“Yes, it is true but you know, you are a guy and I ain’t gay.” I said smiling.


“Ye..yes! That is true.” He stammered looking away.


“Are you okay?” I asked.


“Yeah sure.” He replied smiling too.






Through out Mr Reeves teaching, I wasn’t paying any attention. All I was thinking of was what Tom said about me being a Lady.


That moment I wanted to tell him I wasn’t actually a boy and I wish we could be more than friends.


But you know why, I will be endangering my life and that of mother’s.


Soon it was time for lunch. Some students ate their food in the classroom but Tom and I prefer the cafeteria.


We walked to the cafeteria and we noticed it wasn’t crowded as it use to be.


“Why is this place so dry?” Tom asked.


“I wonder what is going on.” I said as we entered to see Simeon sitting at the middle of the cafeteria.


“Oops sorry for disturbing.” I said pulling Tom who was already boiling in anger out of the cafeteria.


But we were stopped by Max at the door.


“We are sorry, we didn’t know you were here. So we will just take our leave quietly.” I smirked.


“Come here you two! I am here because of you boys.” Simeon said behind us.


“We two?” Tom asked looking back confidently.


I turned back slowly feeling so scared. Oh God nothing should happen in this place. I can’t afford my secret to be exposed, not now not ever.


Max pushed both of us forward and I felt my feet wobble. Tom reached for my hand and held it tightly as we walked up to Simeon slowly.


He had a stupid grin on his face and I felt like giving him a punch on it.


He stood up and walked closer to me still grinning. I was forced to stop and hold Tom’s hand tighter.


“You are so beautiful.” He said tracing his hands on my face. I shivered and I heard Tom groan in anger.


“I will have you first.” He said pulling me to himself.


“You are a bastard!” Tom yelled angrily.


Max ran to him holding him firmly.


“I will let you have him.” He said to Max who looked super happy.


“Oh no! I need to do something.” I thought as he lowered my face to mine.


“Arrrgh!” I groaned holding my tummy.


“You can’t deceive me boy!” He smacked making me shake but I kept the drama on.


“It hurts here.” I said pointing to my a**. I took his hands and moved them to my a**.


I saw he looked so happy and as soon as he almost touched my a**, I kicked him on this d==k with all my strength.


He groaned loudly holding his d==k. Max left Tom and rushed to Simeon, we used that opportunity to run out of the cafeteria as fast as we could.


“That was amazing Bob!” Tom said happily.


“No Tom it wasn’t. We just started a war.” I said fearfully.









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