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(I loved him but he deceived me)


Authoress Ti Fe


Chapter 10





“Boss I have a great news.” Sugar said barging into the room when I was sniffing cocaine.


“Spit it.” I replied shutting my eyes.


“I went to Katharina mother’s house and I got some news.” She said and my eyes widened instantly.


“What is the news!” I yelled jumping up.


“I heard they packed to a new place and the interesting part is that they are right here in Yellow hills.” She said.


“What!!! You mean here! Right here?” I replied happily.


“Yes boss.” She replied bowing.


“I need them here in 72 hours.” I commanded and she nodded in agreement.


She walked out of the room and I sat on my chair thinking about what I will do to those rifffraffs.


I am going to so squeeze my money out of them, I will make them suffer for running away with my money.






We finished eating the food and we started to sweat profusely, to the extent that Tom had to remove his already dripping wet singlet.


“This heat is getting too much.” He said weakly.


“I can’t bear it anymore.” I said faintly.


“Bob are you okay?” He said moving close to me. I felt my eye lid become heavy every passing second and I started to doze off.


“Bob please open your eyes!” He said shaking me. I opened my eyes and I felt tears gather in my eyes.


I felt my skin was going to melt very soon.


“Tom I am suffocating.” I said moving to lay on the wrapper. He placed his hand under my head holding my head up.


“Bob stay with me.” He said moving his hand to my shirt trying to remove it.


“Please don’t.” I said in a very low tone and that was all.


My eyes closed and I went unconscious.






His head slowly dropped from my arm and I couldn’t help the tears that rolled down my cheeks.


“Bob!!” I yelled in tears shaking him vigorously.


Please stay with me!! I said using the cover of the plate to fan him. I was stable and even my brain wasn’t working well.


“I am sorry Bob I need to remove your shirt.” I said raising up his shirt. I swept his shirt over his head tossing it to the side of the room.


I looked at him and I saw his chest tied with towels.


“Why would Bob tie his chest like this? Did he sustain an injury? Why would he kept it from me? Is this why he is allergic to hugs? ” I asked myself staring at his face.


I need to release this towel from him, he tied it to hard, this could make him situation worse.


I turned him to find where the towel was tied and I saw it at his back. I untied the nut and rolled him so I could unwrap him.


I loosed it and when it was off finally my mouth dropped open in shock.


“A br**st!” I exclaimed jumping on my feet.


“What is going on? Why does Bob have a br**st?” I asked myself staring at his br**sts.


I sat close to him again full of thoughts. Is Bob a girl?


“No, I can’t be.” I said shaking my head.


I looked at his br**st and moved my hand to it slowly, I placed my fingers on it fearfully. The nipples were pink and beautiful.


I placed my finger on it and felt how hard it was. I withdrew my hand quickly still wondering what was going on.


I then covered him with his shirt still in thoughts.


“She lied to me. I should have knew he was a lady all along, he did many things like a lady but I never thought he was a lady.” I thought breathing hard.


“He took me as a fool, and truly i am a fool. How come I didn’t notice?” I mumbled in tears.


I was beginning to love him even more than a Beastie and he couldn’t even tell me?


She is that cruel?


I was beginning to think I was becoming gay because of how I feel around him, not knowing I was in love with a Lady.


I can’t believe I played, joked and even kissed a lady. This is crazy!


I stared at her then an idea dropped in my mind. There was still little water in the bottle Simeon brought for with the food.


I took the bottle and moved close to her, I opened the bottle and sprinkled some water on her cute face.


I saw her eyes tighten then I stopped sprinkling the water, she opened her eyes slowly staring at me.


I kept a cold face as I stared at her to. She looked at her body and she saw her body was covered with her shirt.


“S**t! What did you do!” She yelled raising the shirt up to look at her. She placed her hands on her b**bs looking at me in shock.


I moved back to sit close to the wall looking away from her.


“Why did you do this!” She yelled in a teary tone.


“You were suffocating.” I replied coldly not wanting to look at her. It hurts knowing your best friend is a great liar.


“Oh no! You should have left me.!” She said facing her back to me.


“I didn’t have a choice, I thought you would die! And thanks for lying to me, I really appreciate that!” I yelled as tears threatened to fall out out my eyes.


“I am sorry Tom.” She said in tears.



“No, you not. For five years we have been friends!! Beasties!!!! And you could keep this from me!!! You decieved me, took me as a fool, made be believe you are allergic to hugs and I believed you. Now you telling me you are sorry??” I rapped in anger hating the way I cried.


“Tom please, I can explain.” She said coming close to me.


“Don’t you dare!” I roared making her halt in fear.





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