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(I loved him but he deceived me)







Chapter 17





We walked to the next bus stop hurriedly expecting another bus and luckily for us a bus dropped by.


We stopped it and entered it, we didn’t even ask where it was going. We needed to leave that place as soon as possible.


Only 5 people where in the bus, so Tom, Katharina and I sat at the back of the bus.


Katharina kept grizzling beside me.


“Katharina that is enough, they all deserved it.” Tom said hugging her.


“I know but I can’t just stop crying.” She said cleaning her eyes.


“All our problems are solved now Katharina, you should be happy. Starting a new life with Your best friend and I in a new country.” I said smiling.


“I know but Tom have you really forgiven me? I have kept so many things from you and I know I shouldn’t because you saw me as your best friend.” She said sadly.


“I understand everything Katharina, and I am happy you aren’t a boy.” He said giggling.


“Yeah, I am glad I can express my feelings finally.” She replied smiling.



“So where should we go?” I asked.


“San Fransisco! I love that place.” Katharina said happily.


“So be it then. San Fransisco here we come!” I yelled happily.


I looked at Tom and I saw sadness on his face.


“Tom I am sorry for dragging you into this mess.” I said sadly.


“No ma’am, its okay. It just that I will miss everything here.” He said smiling.


“You can come back here on a visit but please don’t leave me.” Katharina said holding his hands.


“Katharina I will never leave you. I love you so much.” He said and I saw Katharina blush under the bus light.


“Okay guys you make me miss my husband.” I said grinning.


“Okay we will stop.” She said resting her head on his shoulders as the bus kept moving.






“WOW, this place is so beautiful.” I said as we walked into the new house we bought.


“Yes Katharina. And that is why I got this.” Mother replied happily.


“It is highly decorated with flowers and I love flowers.” Tom said as we waked into the living room.





I looked around the living room, it had glassy walls and a very beautiful chandelier.


“Mother how did you find this house?” I asked sitting on the couch.


“I know how to do my things.” She replied grinning.


“Hmm can’t wait to see my room.” I said happily.


“And I can’t wait to have mine close to yours.” Tom said making me blush.


“The choice is yours people, I will check out the kitchen.” She said walking away.


“Let’s go check them out.” Tom said holding my hand. I smiled as we both walked to the room examining everyone.


“Wow, I prefer this to all. I can see the flowers very well.” I said rolling in the room.


“I love it too, but since you like it I will take the second one.” Tom replied.


“We can see the flowers anytime together.” I said walking to him.


“If you let me.” He said wrapping his hands around my waist.


“You know I love this. You and I in the same house, we will he attending the same school, seeing each other everyday. What else can I ask for?” I said wrapping my hands around his neck.


“This is the best moment of my life. I never thought I would be able to see my best friend Bob as a girl.” He said smiling.


I smiled looking at his lips.


“I have been craving to kiss you for a very long time, but I couldn’t because I was till pretending then.” I said still staring at his lips.



“You know how much I wanted that too, to the extent of kissing you when I thought you were still a boy.” He said brushing his fingers over my lips.


“I love you Tom.” I whispered.


“I love you too.” He replied placing his lips on mine.






And they lived happily ever after .




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