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Julia: …so you decided to become a s£x worker or you used other people only?


Claudia: because I was raped so many times by unknown men, I thought I might as well make money out of it. My body has been so desecrated and defiled that it means nothing to me than an object I can make money from.



I wonder how people enjoy s£x and have orgasm and all that. I don’t know what all that is about. My body does not feel anything when having s£x. I just stay there, count my money and the minutes.


I have never lured anyone into prostitution, these girls were already doing it and I met them at our joint. I realised they were mostly homeless so I decided to take them in.


Julia: How did you manage to get such a big house?


Claudia: How much is HIV?


Julia: Uhhmm, I don’t understand..


Claudia: I got this house in exchange for the virus. Anyway, I met this Lithuanian guy and of course I am a prostitute I did what prostitutes do with him and he knew he had HIV….


Julia: what a wicked human being!


Claudia: we could also so what a loose girl I was. Anyway! We started dating and I thought I had met the love of my life and was ready to change my lifestyle. But after a while, I became unwell so I thought to go do some checks. Lo and behold, I was pregnant and not just that, I had contracted HIV.


I didn’t want to bring a child into the world to suffer so I terminated the pregnancy and when I confronted him, he told me he had left the country and had left me some money in my account.


It was quite a lot of money so I used it to buy a land and erected this structure. So when people ask me how much it cost me to build this house, I told them it is the same price as HIV


Julia: How do you manage to stay positive after being through this hell!


Cluadia: my life is so short, I am determined to make the most of it. So that I would live before I die.


Julia: do you have any plans of quitting this lifestyle?



Claudia: Julia, I need help. This is the lifestyle I have always known and I believe only some supernatural powers would be able to deliver me from it.


Julia: Have you prayed about it?


Claudia: Julia, I don’t miss church o! I go to church every Sunday.


Julia: You need more than church going. You need a personal relationship with God. I believe He is able to get you out of this mess so that your life can be a message of hope to the rest of the world.


Claudia: hehehe! I don’t mean to be rude, but how could you be preaching to me when you are also a prostitute?


Julia: I am not a prostitute, auntie.


Claudia: Hehehehe so that man has been paying me for nothing. He must be an angel!


Julia: Angels do exist still. They just don’t have wings.


Claudia: And they don’t give people bruises from rough s£x. My dear, let’s not bring up that holier than thou attitude. We all in this house need serious deliverance. This house is a house of prostitutes and it is well known in this whole neighbourhood. In my next life if there is one, I would choose a different lifestyle, but presently, I will be proud of what I do.


Julia: I don’t mean to upset you auntie. I’m so sorry for all you’ve been through. On behalf of


Humanity, I am sorry


Claudia: It’s okay darling. Are you going anywhere tonight?


Julia: No, auntie. I’m getting a bit worried about Solomon. He hasn’t called as he promised..


Claudia: then call him. I believe that was why he gave you the phone.



Julia: I’m going to do so right away.


Claudia: Alright. Send my regards to him.


(Julia went upstairs in the living room and started ringing Solomon. He picked up and what you read next is their telephone conversation)






Julia: I was getting really worried!


Solomon: what for?


Julia: you said you were going to call me at least twice a day. I’m yet to be called once


Solomon: Yes! That was before I realised what a cheap, pathological and pathetic piece of lying puppet you are!


Julia: where’s all that coming from?


Solomon: Oh come on! Still lying are you!


Julia: what have I lied about?


Solomon: the question should be, what have you not lied about??


Julia: I’m still waiting to be told exactly what lies I’ve told…


Solomon: You made me believe that you were this victim who is being forced to do something that is against your morals and all that bullock stories of yours.


You should have told me you were a cheap slot at least I would have recommended you to hunks that’ll do it with you and pay you very well. Why drag me into your disgusting life!



Julia: How could you be saying things like these to me? It hurts. I am not a prostitute and every thing I told you about me is true.


Solomon: Get off this phone and get lost forever. Do not ever in your miserable


life contact me. Just so you know, I am blocking your number immediately.


Enjoy your life being a prostitute!


**drops the call***



Julia: Hello…Hello..


Sapphire: What’s the matter?



Julia: It’s solomon! He’s accusing me of lying to him



Sapphire: I told you that you don’t get attached to anyone in this job. You do your job and leave with everything including emotions! So what did you lie about?




Julia: I didn’t lie to him! I never did!


Sapphire: do you think Mr Ben may have told him you slept with him?


Julia: But I didn’t! That’s why auntie was mad at me calling me a drama queen!


Sapphire: hmmmm! But you were indoors with him for a while.


Julia: Yes. What happened was when auntie told me that Mr Ben wanted me, I


took my knickers, went into the bathroom……


To be continued



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