Wed. May 29th, 2024



Mr Ben: How are you, today, Solomon?


Solomon: great, thanks!


Mr Ben: Good. I’ve requested for the lady to be sent over for a week. However, their manager said she’s not feeling so great but she did say that if she can’t make it, they would send us someone even more experienced.


Solomon: her or no one else. Thanks.


Mr Ben: really man! I think I should have the girl over for a night too to see what got you glued.


Solomon: (ignores him and continues to glance through the pages of his newspapers)


Mr Ben: So, what is it about her? Please tell me. I genuinely want to know


Solomon: I don’t think I want to have this conversation with you. Whatever happens under the sheet stays under the sheet. Thanks.


Mr Ben: I want that thing to happen under my own sheet too! What do you think? Hahaha!



Anyway! I am rushing off to a meeting right now. I’ll be back around 2 and hopefully, she would be here then.


Do you mind a threesome?


Solomon: Have a good day, Mr Ben. This conversation is over. Shut the door behind you. Thanks


( can I say something at this point. When something is too good, You just don’t want to keep it to yourself. You want to share it with your friends. You want them to see how much fun you are having and all that. BUT! as humans, once you tell us that something is great, we naturally start longing after that very thing.


I’m just trying to say that it is probably not so wise to tell your bestie how good your husband is in bed. She might just want to have a taste…


Anyways! This shouldn’t be my business, Should it!


But yea, Mr Ben heard that Julia was great so he decided to go ‘taste and see’..)




Sapphire: Oh wow! Is everything okay, Mr Ben?


Mr Ben: Hi sapphire. Every thing is okay. I was actually on my way to work so I realised I was going a bit too early so I decided to pop in and say hi.


Sapphire: i see. Come in


Mr Ben: Thank you. Is Claudia in?


Sapphire: Yes, she is upstairs.


Mr Ben: could you please let her know I am here to see her..


Sapphire: Sure. Take a seat. Would you like tea or coffee?


Mr Ben: None. I’m okay. Thanks.


(Sapphire went upstairs and called Claudia who came down with her immediately)


Claudia: Good morning, Mr Ben. I’ve never known you to be an early bird. Why are you here?


Mr Ben: Business, honey! Hahaha how are you!


Claudia: Good good! How’s life?


Mr Ben: boring. Anyways, I want a short notice service…


Claudia: None of my girls are here. Sapphire is getting ready to leave.


Mr Ben: I want the new girl, Julia!


Claudia: Oh no! She’s not feeling great.


Mr Ben: I’ll make her feel great.


Claudia: no no! Mr Ben. She’s really been sad ever since your abroad friend had her. She’s never spoken to anyone. I just hope he didn’t do anything else to her.


Mr Ben: I don’t mind. Even if she is like a frozen vegetable. I want her.


Claudia: hmmmm! This is tough, but I’ll go talk to her. I can’t promise anything..


How long do you want her for?


Mr Ben: Two hours, please.



Claudia: I’ll be right back.


(Claudia went into Julia’s room and met her nursing some bruises on her thighs…)



Claudia: Oh dear! I had this feeling that whoever you worked with that day was a psychopath!


What did he do to you?


Julia: Good morning, auntie.


Claudia: Morning, darling. You see why I asked you to be open to me. We would have treated it the same day we went for the HIV test!


Oh! I’m really angry about this


Julia: It’s okay. I’ll be fine.


Claudia: (taking a closer look at the bruises) this is terrible! All these animals parading themselves as men. Mtchewww! It will be his last time anyway. We’ve got someone better to replace him.


So have you had breakfast?


Julia: Not yet.


Claudia: Julia, I know this is probably not the best time to discuss this with you. I know you’ve been very sad and depressed but you see, this is business and it is done without emotions.


I would like to ask you to lay in bed for a whole month and heal from whatever you experienced. But as you lay there, I will be losing a lot of money out there and I can’t afford to.


So there is this great customer of ours waiting for you downstairs.


It’s nothing too much. Just two hours and you are done. Okay?


Julia: Okay. Can he give me 30 minutes to shower and dress up?


Claudia: Yes. But be fast about it okay?



Julia: Okay…


( after 20 minutes, Julia got dressed and went downstairs where Mr Ben was excitedly waiting)


Julia: Good morning, my name is Julia


Mr Ben: Hellooooo sΒ£xy! Are you ready for this?


Julia: what?


Mr Ben: To have some good time with the one and only Mr Ben in town?


Julia: yeah.


Mr Ben: Great! Come with me then… I got us some wine to set the mood. Do you drink?


Julia: Yes, I do.


Mr Ben: perfect! You see, I don’t understand people who don’t drink! What a life they must have!


Julia: Are you married?


Mr Ben: yeah sure! Does it bother you?


Julia: Not at all. Do you have a daughter?


Mr Ben: Yes. She turned 18 last month and she is in Uni.


Julia: which university?


Mr Ben: University of Westminster in London


Julia: She is lucky. I wish I could go to the university some day.



Mr Ben: But you chose this lifestyle . I suppose you enjoy it.


Julia: this lifestyle chose me, rather.


Mr Ben: really? Tell me more about it in the bedroom when we are done catching some fun okay?


We could still work out something and send you back to school if you are good to me in the other room….


To be continued


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