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(I loved him but he deceived me)


Authoress Ti Fe




Chapter 16




“Dad can you please explain what the hell is going on?” I asked as we moved in the bus.


“Simeon please not now, I need to kill some preys.” He responded angrily. “Father don’t tell me that! You woke me up at night! And now we are chasing my new worker and my schoolmates! What is going on!” I yelled angrily.


“That so called Jude isn’t Jude! That is Mrs Morris! And I am going to hunt and down and kill her!” He yelled back.


“What? Mrs Morris? Why would she be here? Why would she be running with


Bob and Tom? What business does she have with them?” I asked in confusion.


“Well to my own understanding and continuous research, I found out that Bob is


actually a girl, and that is Katharina.” Shugar said and my mouth dropped open.


“Katharina!” I yelled in shock.


“Of course!” Father yelled.


I loved Katharina the first day I set my eyes on her, I tried talking to her but she didn’t even give me listening ears.


This has happened severely and when it was on Katharina I decided to stop. I believed if ladies didn’t like me, then boys will be and that is why I am gay today. I don’t mind having her back and dropping this gay act. I never stopped loving her, no wonder I kept getting attracted to her.



“Father please slow down. Don’t let us kill them, please not Katharina. I don’t care about her mother but please not her.” I pleaded.


“Simeon are you okay at all? This so called girl was the one you wanted to kill some hours ago, now you don’t want her dead?” He smacked looking at me. “That was when I didn’t know who she was. Now I know, please don’t kill her.” I pleaded again.


“Am sorry son, that is not possible.” He replied and I felt so sad.


“Dad please, you can take Tom and her mother for all I care,but please not her.” I added again.


“Simeon shut the f**k up!! I am doing this and you are not stopping me.” He said.


“Sir we can see them. They are waiting for a bus.” The driver said.


“Dad!” I called but he ignored me.


“Park the car and get me the guns.” He said and my heart leaped.


I closed my eyes trying to make a decision before it is too late. Immediately I opened the door as the car parked, I grabbed a gun and rushed out. “Simeon!” Father called but I ignored. I don’t mind if they escape because of Katharina.




We saw a bus approaching, the light was shone on us so we couldn’t see the type of bus. We stood up waving to it.


Suddenly we saw someone running towards us. We grabbed our bags ready to run


when I heard Simeon’s voice.


“Run!!!” He yelled.


“What?” I said in surprise.


“Run!” Mother said.


“But why is he telling us to run? I thought he was after us?” I asked confused.


“Stop!” We heard voices and we began to run.


I looked back and I saw Simeon stand on the way holding up the gun. I reduced my pace trying to get what was really going on.


“Father please let them go!!! I will pay you the money!!” I heard him yell to the people that chased us.


“Simeon don’t be stupid!” I heard his father yell as the guys ignored him running towards us.


To my bewilderment, He shot the guys running to us and I gasped stopping.


“Let’s go Bob.” Tom said pulling me.


“Father, for the very first time I have done this for love. Let them go!” He yelled and I felt tears heat my eyes.



Now he remembers, I never thought he would ever remember me. So he sincerely loves me.


“Don’t let me do this son!” His father yelled angrily.


“I am your son…” He said when I saw his father shoot him.


I gasped as tears rolled down my cheeks. He sacrificed himself for me.


He slowly fell to the ground and i felt great pity for him.


I released my hands from Tom and ran to where he laid.


“Katharina!” Mother yelled but I ignored.


Immediately I picked the gun that was in his hand and pointed it at Drug Lord. His two guards a lady and a man faced their guns to me.


In no time, I heard gunshots from behind me and they were on the floor.


“Drop your gun!” I heard mother say behind me.


I saw Drug lord drop his gun slowly and I moved closer to him in tears. I held the gun firmly planning to shoot him anytime.


“You because of your arrogance lost your only son. Because of money you took away the most precious thing in your life.” Mother said moving closer to him and I saw a gun in her hand too.


Tom ran to me holding me as I wept silently.


“You couldn’t forget the little amount my late husband owed you. You want to because of that kill we the innocent souls.” Mother said putting the gun on his forehead.


I looked at Simeon and I felt tears roll down my face. I walked to him in great pity.


“Did you know what he was talking about?” Tom asked Me as I knelt close to him.


“Yes, he once confessed his love to me while I was still Katharina.” I said sobbing.


“And you knew that all this while, you couldn’t tell me?” Tom asked angrily.


“I didn’t want to say it, I thought he will never come to know. I didn’t want to talk about it.” I said cleaning my eyes.


There was blood all over him and he wasn’t breathing anymore.


“Such a pity. He actually gave his life to protect us.” I said as Tom helped me stand to my feet.


I looked back at mother and I saw her hold some money in her hands. “Here is your money, but I am sorry you won’t be able to spend it.” She said throwing the money on him and immediately she pulled the trigger right on his forehead.


I closed my eyes and hugged Tom as his blood splashed all over the place.


“We need to move now.” Mother said firmly pulling us away from the corpses.







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