Sat. May 11th, 2024



Julia: Sapphire, can you find me a job where you work?



Sapphire: ermmm! Good morning.


Julia: Morning..


Sapphire: Why are you sad?


Julia: Why wouldn’t I be sad! I sit here every day and watch you guys go to work and earn a living!


Sapphire: erm! Calm down. I’m sure auntie Claudia is doing something about it. Have you spoken to her about it?


Julia: a million times over!


Sapphire: I think you should give her some time. These things take time. But I’m sure auntie will surely fix you somewhere…


Julia: Do you like your job?


Sapphire: I do now, I didn’t initially…


Julia: is it hectic?


Sapphire: No


Julia: is it very demanding?


Sapphire: No…


Julia: does it afford you time to have a life?


Sapphire: No..


Julia: Why are you giving me straight answers?


Sapphire: Because I’m straight.



Julia: Are getting edgy because I asked you to find me a job?


Sapphire: No I’m not. I’m just tired


Julia: Why do you work mostly at night?


Sapphire: Because I study in the day. I’m a student, Julia!


Julia: My bad! Go get some rest then.


Sapphire: I will do after breakfast. Thanks.


Claudia: Julia..


Julia: (startled) oh auntie! I thought you were in your room.


Claudia: I heard everything. Go get ready let’s go somewhere and talk about your job


(Join Group)


Julia: Alright auntie. I don’t mean to put you under pressure but I’m used to getting out there and making something of my life.


Claudia: I do understand that. I’ll be waiting for you at the car park.


Julia: I won’t be long.


(Julia and Claudia went to a restaurant in town, got some food and sat in a quiet corner of the building. While they ate, the following conversation ensued)


Claudia: I am HIV positive…


Julia: You are what!


Claudia: don’t worry, you will not get by eating and talking with me. Hahahaha!


Julia: auntie, are you trying to pull a stunt?



Claudia: I wish…


Julia: how come you don’t look it?


Claudia: Because I take my antiretroviral drugs judiciously. I lead a normal life and unless I told you, you won’t know.


Julia: How long have you lived with HIV?


Claudia: 5 years…


Julia: Oh my God! That is sad.


Claudia: No, it’s not. I’ve accepted it and it’s not more than living with any other manageable condition.


Julia: How did you get it?


Claudia: Story for another good day. We are here today to talk about your employment. I don’t even know why I brought this up.


Anyway! I’ve been trying to contact people I know might help in finding you a job, but you see, it’s difficult when you don’t have a degree.


Please be a little more patient with me, okay?


Julia: auntie, what do you do?


Claudia: I own businesses.. Why do you ask?


Julia: Because I’ve never seen you go to work


Claudia: I’ve worked when I needed to. Now I’m just letting my money work for me by investing


Erm, what sort of job are you looking to get?



Julia: Anything! Anything at all, auntie.


Claudia: I found this job where your role is to kill innocent New born babies. You get to kill at least five of them a day. Deal?


Julia: Jesus!


Claudia: great! That is the reason why you must not give “anything ” as an answer when asked about your preference. Anything means anything.


So, what sort of job are you looking to get?


Julia: Sales person, waitress, receptionist, Nanny, all that.


Claudia: You spoke about learning a skill one time. How about that?


Julia: I reckon that will take some time. I want to start earning money immediately.


Auntie, Sapphire told me you can get me a job right now if you wish.


Claudia: I can, but I won’t.


Julia: but that is wicked, auntie!


Claudia: I know..


Julia: You promised to be my big sister. Why are you not treating me like one?


Claudia: I am, actually.


Julia: You think I am not hardworking enough?


Claudia: I know you are.


Julia: then fix me somewhere.


Claudia: I will do with time.


Julia: but time is one thing I do not have.


Claudia: Julia, can you work tonight?


Julia: Tonight?


Claudia: Yes. Tonight.


Julia: ye… Yes! Sure I can!


Claudia: Lets go home so we get you ready!


To be continued.


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