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Julia: Good morning, auntie. What can I do?


Claudia: You are up early! You should still be asleep after that long journey..


Julia: No, auntie. I’ve slept enough.


Claudia: Are you sure?


Julia: Positive! Do I clean the living room?


Claudia: No. We don’t actually do the cleaning ourself. There’s a lady who comes every Saturday to clean.


Julia: So what do you do when you wake up in the morning?


Claudia: hehehe! You make yourself a cup of tea, watch the news and go to work .


Julia: But I have no job yet..



Claudia: I know and that’s the more reason you should enjoy your free days. When you start working, you would miss it.


Actually, I need to introduce you to other ladies that stay with me.


Julia: In this same house?


Claudia: Yes. They live upstairs.


Julia: Oh!


Claudia: You didn’t see them last night because most of them were at work and others had already slept when you arrived.


Julia: At work by that time of the night?


Claudia: Julia, In the city, people work day and night shifts.


Julia: Oh okay.


Claudia: Are you ready to meet them?


Julia: Yes. I’m a bit nervous



Claudia: No need to be. They all speak our language . Let’s go



Claudia: Good morning ladies. My sister came last night. I didn’t want to disturb you lots because she arrived a little late.


But she will be living with us henceforth. So I thought I should introduce her to you. Her name is Julia


Julia, meet Benita. Benita is 24 and has been living with me since she was 20. So we’ve been together 4 years. She is a nurse.


Julia: Hi, Benita.


Benita: Hello, Julia. Welcome to the house!


Claudia: Meet Kirsten, Kirsten is 28 and a workaholic. She is an assistant manager in one of the biggest hotel in town.


She’s been living with me for 6 months now.


Julia: Hi, Kirsten.


Kirsten: Hello, dear. Pleased to meet you!


Claudia: and the last but definitely not the least is Sapphire. She’s only 20 but I think she is actually 100. Sapphire is currently pursuing a degree in engineering on a part time basis and works as a secretary too!


Julia: Hi Sapphire.


Sapphire: Hiiii! How was your journey?


Julia: It was fine. Thanks


Claudia: so ladies, a bit of house keeping. We don’t shout or raise our voice on each other. We don’t keep malice. Say what you feel in a nice way and dump the baggage.


We respect each other’s privacy. Don’t be a watchdog.


Live and let others live.


Never forget your keys when you are leaving the house otherwise you may sleep outside.


Listen to music but keep it low.


Wash your dishes and don’t be a dirty messy cat.


Work hard but don’t forget to have fun.



Keep your armpits clean.



The ladies:



Claudia: hahaha! I’m joking. Honestly, keep your armpits however the hell you like. Nobody cares. At least not me.


Yeah! That’s about it!


Julia, if you need anything, let me know. If you don’t understand how something works or you can’t find something, ask any of the ladies.


Julia: thank you so much. But what would I be doing? I want to have something doing like others.


Kirsten: Awwwww! We will all help you get a job. Don’t worry, you’ve only just came!


Claudia: I’ll start making contacts and you’ll get a job soon. But for now, get enough rest. You need it after the stress of your dad’s funeral.




Solomon: Hi Geordie! Look at that bump! When are we meeting the baby?


Geordie: In two weeks!


Solomon: By God’s grace! Boy or girl


Geordie: Surprise! We just didn’t want to know. We want a heavenly surprise.


Solomon: Doesn’t that sort of makes it difficult in terms of shopping for the baby?


Geordie: Not really. We just buy those gender neutral colours for the time being.



Solomon: Do you know what! I think this makes the whole thing fun! Is Ivy looking forward to it?



Geordie: Oh no she isn’t! She thinks I’ve got a horse in my tummy



She goes “mummy why did you swallow a horse!”



Solomon: Oh my goodness!


Where is she by the way?


Geordie: She’s gone to nursery


Solomon: Brother sent for me. Where is he?


Geordie: I think he’s upstairs. I’ll go get him.


Solomon: Please do because I’ve got to get running.


Geordie: Why! I thought you came over for lunch!


Solomon: Not today. I’ve got a million and one fishes to fry.






Solomon: I knowwwww! But not to worry, as soon as the baby arrives, I’ll come down and spend the weekend.


(Geordie went upstairs and informed her husband, Gilead that his younger brother was waiting downstairs. He threw on his robe and went downstairs to speak with him…)


Gilead: Boss, how’re you doing!


Solomon: Very well sir. What’s going on! You look more pregnant than Geordie!


Gilead: Shut up man! You can’t call me fat in my own house! That’s bullying!



Solomon: what’s up!


Gilead: we’re good. Just counting down to our baby’s arrival


Solomon: I can’t wait either!


Gilead: that’s actually why I sent for you. I need you to go to Nigeria next week..


Solomon: Hell no!! Please don’t say, bro! Not this time!


Gilead: unfortunately, this is something that must be done. Geordie is due in 2 weeks and I’ll hate myself if I miss this baby’s birth. I missed Ivy’s and I still feel guilty about it.


The company in Abuja is all set up . Everything is done and dusted but I need you to go there for just two weeks to train the staff and monitor how they’re getting on.


I promise to make the experience worth it. Choose the hotel and package you want…Please


Solomon: that’s not even the problem. You know I am the youth coordinator in my church and our annual youth convention starts next week!


Gilead: Please, you need to do this for me, bro. I beg of you.


Solomon: Oh sugar! When do I need to go?


Gilead: This weekend, please.


Solomon: This is a tough one….


To be continued


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