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(I loved him but he deceived me)


Authoress Ti Fe


Chapter 14






I kept looking at Bob’s father, or Mother, or whatever! I was so confused about what was going on all I knew was that everything was under control.


They moved all of us out of the farmhouse roughly but Mrs Morris kept her gaze on us.


“Where does she have to keep us?” I thought as they threw us into the van and Mrs Morris sat with us at the back.


I kept looking at Simeon and he kept grinning wickedly at us. So dumb! Only if he was so wise.


I looked at Bob and I saw she was still scared. I held her hands nodding sweetly to her. She smiled back nodding too.


Soon the car halted and our eyes widened in fear. The door opened and I could see Mr Morris mall right in front of us.


“Wow he is so smart.”


“This is the place, they dare not escape here.” She said smiling.


“Good of you Jude.” Simeon said grinning.


“I am best at what I do.” She boosted.



We moved to the mall with our hands still tied. Mrs Morris opened the door and we all moved in including the guards.


“Quite big.” Simeon said staring at us, while we bowed slightly.


“Yes.” Mrs Morris answered looking at us.


“I will leave now, but i am handling them to your care. I will also leave two of my guys with you so as the ease you the stress. They can be funny sometimes.” Simeon said grinning wickedly.


“I will do just fine. I can handle them alone.” Mrs Morris boasted.


“No, you’re new here. I will leave at least a guy with you. And make sure you don’t give them food or water. Starving them to death is the best.” He said before giving us a last evil look.


He stormed out of the mall with the guards except for two that were ordered to stay behind by Simeon.


He left our sight and we looked at Mrs Morris wanting to hear the next action.


She looked at us and was about talking when you remembered we weren’t alone.


“Now move guys!” She yelled in her masculine tone, while we pretended to be scared. She moved us to the middle of the shelves in the mall and dropped us there.


We looked around and we saw the guards looking at us.


“They are under my watch. Take anything you want to eat.” She said smiling.


“Okay thanks.” They said happily leaving us.


“Mother!” Bob called silently hugging her.


She looked at me as she hugged her.



“I know already.” I said looking away.


“I am sorry for lying to you tommy, it is complicated.” She said looking at me.


“Ma’am I understand. She explained everything to me, the main issue on ground now is how we are going to leave here.” I said looking around the mall.


“I will sort that. First of all you need to eat, you look so thin. Let me get you guys something.” She said standing up and walking away.


She then turned back to help us loosen the ropes on our hands.


I heard Bob sigh and I looked at her sadly. She isn’t supposed to be suffering this much, all these is not her fault.


She is innocent.


“Bob how are you feeling, are you okay?” I whispered to her.


“My hand hurts.” She said holding her wrist.


“I am so sorry.” I said hugging her tight.


“It is none of your fault Tom.” She replied looking into my eyes.


“What is your real name?” I asked letting her rest her head on my shoulders.


“Katharina Morris.” She said.


“Wow, beautiful.” I replied smiling.


“But you know you can’t call me that.” She said looking into my eyes.


“I know Bob.” I replied kissing her hair.






I took some cooked Noddles from the refrigerator in the mall and some cakes to Bob and Tommy. I am so happy to see they are alright.


I took some drinks from the fridge and two bottles of water also. Thank God I had this mall, what would have become of us now.


I need to do something as soon as possible, I need to get our things from the house and get out of this place before Drug Lord recognises us.


I got to Bob and I saw how she held unto Tommy. They are actually really cute together, I wish all this troubles could just be bygones.


“Here eat up.” I said placing all I had in my hand in front of them.


“Thanks mother.” Bob said biting the cake, while Tom devoured the Noddles.


“I need to go home Katharina. I want to pack some of our stuffs. We are moving tonight.” I said standing up.


“What? Tonight? What of the guards?” Tom asked.


“They are the least of our problems. I need so of our things, must especially cash.


And I also need to pass some information to your parents that we will be leaving the states.” I said and they nodded.


“Stay put, don’t cause troubles. I will be back in no time.” I said walking away from them.


I walked to the guards who were busy eating all they wanted.


“Hey niggas.” I said grinning.


“Dude the stuffs in this mall are superb!” They said happily.



“Yeah, and I need to make this night awesome. I have some yogurt close by, let me go get them.” I said and they nodded diverting their attention to what they were eating.


I moved to the door and walked out. It was already dark outside, so I carried my steps carefully. Who know Simeon and his guys may he anywhere around.







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