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(I loved him but he deceived me)


Authoress Ti Fe


Chapter 12




I stood up holding my groins in pain, he hit me again! This time I won’t spare him and his stupid friend.


I brought out my phone and dailed father number.


Father *panting*


What is wrong with you?


I need some guys. Those preys just beat me up.


What! Are you still at the farmhouse?


I am moving out now. I am trailing after them. I know their houses.


Good! I will send them to you now.


I hung the call and ran out of the farmhouse still feeling pains between my thighs.


Am sorry guys, you did the unforgivable today guys.


I ran after them looking around to see if I could still catch up with them. I then saw then running in front of me.


They headed to Bob’s house. Just then my fathers van stopped beside me.


I jumped into it and pointed to the guys that were running. They zoomed to where they were and bundled both of them into the van.


“Hey guys, do you think you can run from me? Never! No one runs away from me.” I smirked as they dumped them right in front of me.


I could see tears in Bob’s eyes already. He is too fragile, but I can’t forgive him for what he did.


Tom kept a straight face as he held Bob in the hand firmly.


“Simeon why can’t you just let us go? What did we do to you! You think you are bad? No, you are not! You are just a coward trying to feel bold!!” Bob yelled and I gasped in shock.


Did he just yell at me? He has never did that since I knew him. He must be really frustrated.


“How dare you talk to me like that!” I smacked trying to slap him but Tom held my hand back.


My father’s workers stood up in anger but I signaled them to sit.


“Don’t you dare touch him because I will slit your throat if you do.” He said boldly and I felt shivers run down my spine.


They really have some nerves hun? He shoved my hands off and pulled Bobby to himself holding him tightly.


“I will show you I am not a coward! Speed up, I need to slice some meats!” I yelled at the driver.


“You want to slice us? Go ahead, but know one thing, you will never be free.” Tom said firmly making more grievous.


“Tie their mouths and hands, I don’t want to hear anything from them till we get to the farmhouse.” I said looking away from them. I will show them the hard way. Stupid boys!




I stood in front of then house when I saw Bob and Tom running to me, I was about running to meet them when I saw a familiar van kidnap them.


That van is drug lord’s van, I can still remember it vividly. He has taken Bob, Oh no! What do i do?


I couldn’t run after them because they zoomed off so fast, I called her name but she couldn’t even hear me.


I need to trace them and I need to have a weapon with me. I don’t want the intervention of the cops. I want to kill Drug Lord myself.



I went into my room and brought out the boxes under my bed. I searched in one of them for my gun.


The gun was given to me by my husband before he was killed, he said I should keep that, that one very day when Drug Lord tried to do anything stupid I should use it on him.


And that is exactly what I am going to do today. I saw the gun and some bullets beside it, just as I kept it.


Tho Bob didn’t know about it, I didn’t mention it at all. She will have to see me in action today.


I stuck it into my trousers and adjusted the costume on me. I stormed out of the house with great boldness and aim. I am going to kill Drug Lord.


I saw some young guys, they were actually looking rugged. I summoned courage and moved to them for some questions.


“Sorry guys, do you know where Drug Lord lives? I heard he is so popular here.” I said shaping my voice to a man’s own.


“Nigga, if you think if going there forget it, that guy kills anyhow. Especially his bodyguards.” One of them whispered in my ears.


“Yes I know, I just want to know his house not that I am going there.” I said shrugging my shoulders.


“Fine, should we take you there? At least we just show you his mansion from afar.” Another guy said.


“Yes, I will so much love that. I hears his house is the biggest in town, I can’t wait to see it.” I said smiling as we began to move.


Oh Heavens help me kill this bastard once and for all. He has tormented me enough.


“Are you new here?” One of them asked.


“Yes, and that is why I don’t know this place so much like you guys do.” I replied smiling.


They nodded as they faced the street again, I then sighted a very big mansion from afar, it looked so huge.


“Is that it?” I asked pointing at it.


“Yes, that is it.” One replied.


“I guess our job is done here.” Another added.


“Thank you so much guys.” I said smiling. They nodded as they began to walk back.


I looked at the house again feeling a little bit of fear in me. I knew quite well it wasn’t going to be easy.



I really need to disguise like someone in search of a job. I will get to know where my daughter and her friend is


I walked briskly to the house and stood in front of the gate. I pressed the doorbell and instantly the door opened revealing a man with a gun in his hand. “What do you want?” He asked with a very thick voice.


“I am in search of a job. I heard there are vacancies here.” I replied peeping into the compound.


“There are no jobs here. Leave.” He said trying to close the door but I stopped him. “Please, I am capable of doing it, I mean anything.” I said trying to convince the MF.


“Don’t you have ears? There are no jobs here, get out before I blow off your skull with my gun.” He threatened angrily.


I was about replying when I saw the same van that took Bob and Tom drive out of the compound, I stared at it trying to look in it but it was a tinted glass.


“What is going in here? What is he doing here?” A boy who looked so much like Drug Lord asked the guard.


“He said he needs a job and I told him there are no jobs here.” He replied looking at me in disgust.


“Please Sir. I will do anything, I need money.” I said to the young boy almost going on my kneels.


“Hop in.” He said and I looked at him not understanding what he said.


“I said come in, I have a job for you.” He said and the door opened.


Happily and fearfully I entered the car searching it, but I couldn’t find Bob and Tom. The car was filled with different kinds of knives. “What is your name?” He asked me.


“Jude. I am Jude.” I said nodding.


“Now can you kill?” He asked facing me.


“Yes I can.” I stammered but later summoned courage.


“Okay, this is it. There are some kiddos that needs to be killed, and I don’t want my father to take care of it. So, you will assist me.” He said grinning.


“Sure, that is simple.” I said nodding, knowing very well those kids are Bobby and Tommy.


“So both of us will be using these knives on them. I want them to suffer for calling me a coward.” He said clenching his jaw. “Where are they now?” I asked anxiously.


“At the farmhouse.” I replied.


“Okay.” I said nodding.



Truly he is Drug Lord’s son. He is just as mean as his father, and i am going to kill him for trying to kill Tom and Bob.








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