Fri. Jul 12th, 2024

(Inside hot water)




^Jessica ^


Sincerely , I can’t believe I just said that to Donald. He will practically shoot me now…I just felt frustrated as a result of his silly act and I had to voice out.


I do not know what my fate holds now.


“Brother , are you sure this girl isn’t affected mentally?” He asked his brother ; Justin


Justin smiled and looked away.


He stood and walked towards me


“Have you forgotten who I am , did you remember that you are nothing but a thing that I bought and that I have absolute power over you?” He asked directly to my face and I just stood looking at his handsome face.


The more he threatens me , the more I felt like kissing his pink lips.


The more he gets angry , the more he looks cute to me. I wasn’t even moved by his threatening act , I was lost already in thought of him.


He held my hair and pulled it so hard , it hurts me and I cried out for help but he refused. Justin just watched without expressing any emotions.




Donald forced me into kneeling down and barged away from my presence , he came back with a flask and placed it before me.

He removed the cover of the flask and hot water was steaming from inside.


He brought his gun from beside and commanded me saying ” Dip your hand into that water or I blow your head off”


He can actually blow my head off for real? No! I do not wanna die now.


I closed my eye and dipped my hand inside the flask , it hurts so bad that I hurriedly removed my hand , I cried but he barked at me again ” Dip your hand inside that water now “


I obliged and when I saw that the gun was directly pointed to my head ,I bore the pain and cried so hard ; my hand inside an hot water


He kicked the flask away and the water poured to the floor. He walked out while I maintained my kneeling position and began to cry.


My skin was itching so bad and I felt horrible , the pain was much. Indeed , Donald is a wicked devil.



Justin looked towards the direction that Donald had just passed and when he saw that Donald had faded out of sight , he came to me and said “sorry”




He walked away and came minutes later with ice , he placed it on my hand and the pain began to relieve me


So sweet of Justin , unlike his brother. I hope I won’t die someday like a mere Christmas chicken at the hand of Donald.

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