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“I stood beside Donald in the hospital , he was getting better.


” Are you fine now?” I asked


“Yes” He replied bluntly.


I want to really have a conversation with him but I do not know if he will allow it.


“Sir…do your father has something to do with those people because when they were conversing , I overheard them talk about some offence that your father had committed ” I said.


He sighed and sniffed.


“My father is one of the most powerful people at Texas and he deals on drugs ,he’s got a cartel and he’s got many enemies , those enemies are after me also since I’m his heir”


Wao! So he’s replying me? I’m so glad that he answers me. That must have being because I saved him.


“Okay sir , but can you tell me why you are depressed sir?” I asked.


He exhales and tried to adjust to a sitting position but his strength failed him.




He gave up and lay to the bed back.


“It’s a long story and the worst part of it is that , I do not think I can get over it. It’s my fate ” He said and I felt pathetic for him.


“I might be of help sir , just tell me ” I said and he sough.


“You are just my property , an ordinary thing that I bought , what can you do?” He said and chuckled sarcastically


He was mocking me.The words pierced my soul and made me realize that I’m just a ‘bought somebody’ and that I do not have a freedom of my own.


I wanted to speak but words failed me , I was just feeling bad and horrible.


The only hope that I have is Justin who had promised me freedom but I still do not know how long it would take.



“Are you sad?” He asked and for once , I was made to think that he actually thought of my emotions.


“Erm…” I was struggling for the perfect answer to give when he spoke up


“Being sad is your fate , as a property that you are , I do not expect you to ever be happy, you are just my property. Get used to that ” He said and turned on the bed and slept off.


I’m just a property? A property…’I kept repeating those words in my heart and I just felt totally worthless.


He didn’t even see any value in what I did by saving him from death




I’m just a property….Ouch? That hurts


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