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You are the sixth lady bought)






Donald had being discharged and he had gone inside to rest. I’m glad he’s fine now.


I think I needed some rest too because I had being waiting on at at the hospital but just as I was about to take my leave to my room , the door flings open and it was Justin.


I welcomed him with a smile and a slight bow of my head.


“You are welcome sir ” I said and he retorted my smile as he went to sit.


“Have your sit” He said and I obliged.


“I’m sorry for all what you had being going through? Where are your parents anyway?” he asked


“They are dead , sir ” I answered.


“Oh! Sorry about that. How you ended up becoming a property of someone in this age and time is baffling.” He said and I sighed.


“But Jessica , have your ever being told by someone that you are beautiful?” He asked and I blushed.




I looked at him and nodded my head. “My parents use to tell me that when they were alive ”


“Yeah…The very first day I met you, I can not but wonder how so exquisite a girl like you could be ” He said


“Thanks , sir ” I replied.


He kept quiet for a while and rested his arms on the chair , he was looking towards the face of the television.


I do not need anyone to tell me that he actually has something in mind to say.


“Erm…Kimberly!” He called.


“Sir” I answered



“What do you think about me? Do you think I’m handsome?” He asked.


“Definitely sir , very handsome and blessed ” I said sincerely because he is handsome also but not as handsome as Donald.


“Don’t you think it will be perfect if an exquisite girl like you and a handsome guy like me comes together to form something…like a relationship ” He said but I wasn’t surprised.


I knew already he was driving to somewhere close. I do not have any feelings for him ,though.


If he wants to help , he could just help without wanting us to be in a relationship.


“I’m a property , sir. And I did not think I have a freedom of my own ” I replied wisely.


“All you have to do is to tell me YES and watch how I will free you…See Kimberly , I’m beginning to fall madly In Love with you. I love you so much and I can’t just do without you. This is a simple chance for you to be free from my brother’s shell .I promise to spend on you and take very good care of you. All you have to do is tell me YES” He tried to persuade me but I only follow my heart.


Nothing is going to work out between the two of us even if it means becoming a slave for the rest of my life


“I’m sorry sir, I do not think I’m ready to dive into any relationship sir ,please do understand my plight ” I said and he nodded.


“I know you are scared of Donald but you did not have to ,didn’t you want to have your freedom?” He asked.


“I wish to, but I do not wanna be into any relationship sir ” I said


He stood all of a sudden


“It’s a rare chance my dear but it seems you do not value it , you are the sixth lady I know that Donald had bought ,and she had always shot them dead at a time when he’s angry. I hope you won’t regret your decision on the day he finally decides to shoot you to death ” He said and walked out.


My jaw dropped in surprise…really?




Oh my days! So five girls had being bought by Donald and killed by him


That tells that I have little chance of surviving here , what should I do?

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