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I opened my eye and found myself in an hospital, all sorts of medical gadgets were connected to my body and I was feeling strong and agile.


I looked around and was wondering how I got myself here when I suddenly heard steps approached my sit.


“Thank goodness , you are fine now ” He said and I nodded.


I recognized him; he’s the guy that helped me.


“Thanks” I said and he sat beside me.


“I was scared when I saw you in that position , did Donald shoot you?” He asked.


“No” I replied.


“My bad! I should have introduced myself. Well,I’m Justin…a brother to Donald ”


“Oh! Thanks for saving me ” I said.


“You are welcome. Would you tell me what really happen now?” He asked and I swallowed.




“Yeah…Donald sent me to deliver some white stuffs to a gang and in the process , they tried to rA-pe me, I had to fight for my escape and while trying to survive the dangerous saga , I got shot by my shoulder ” I explained.


“Did Donald see you this way?” He asked


“Yes ” I answered.


“He would never change ” Justin muttered to himself.


“Sorry dear ” He expressed his caring attitude and I appreciated it with a smile.


“What would you like me to get for you to eat?”


“I’m fine , Sir , thanks.” I replied and he placed his hand on my arms as if examining it.



“Get better dear” He said and looked into my face for quiet a that time that I start to feel uncomfortable.


Seems he like me…


His phone rang and he picked , he exchanged calls with the individual on the other side. I need no one to tell me that he’s on phone with Donald.


“Donald said he needs your attention , right away ” He said and I arched my brow.


“But I’m still under treatment ” I replied


“He doesn’t care but I do… I will try to find a way to get you from him and make you live a free life ” Justin said




“It’s alright…I’ll invite the doctor over now to get this things off you so I can drive you to his place” He said and stood.


“What if I had being dead ” I said to him and he smirked.


“A different case to Donald , but since you are alive ,it’s good you oblige to his command…I’ll help you but it will take time ” He said and walked away.


I sighed and closed my eye.


This Donald is just very wicked unlike his brother and I know what to do for him.




I was standing before him at the living room while he sat , he was putting on an armless blue sweatshirt, handsome as always but wicked.


“Glad , my brother made you survived ” He said and I lowered my head a bit.


“I need you to deliver this stuff to another gang immediately” He said and brought out the white stuff from a white briefcase beside him


“Which stuff?” I asked.


“What the h3ll! Did you forget the rules?” He asked


I was scared but kept the fear hidden , I just pretended like I wasn’t bothered.




“I think I lost my memory , nevertheless ,I’m not going to deliver any stuff , I can’t keep risking my life for you while you sit at home and have fun…worst of it all,you don’t care ” I said and he his face dropped into that of deep surprise.




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