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Find the best cloth)






On Tuesday morning , I had just served Donald his food and was about leaving when he called , I turned to him subserviently.


“We will be attending a night party together today , have you got nice clothes?” He asked and chewed a bite of the meat before him.


I lowered my head not knowing if the rules of speaking is still active or not since I had once broken it.


“Speak ” He commanded


“No really sir ”


“Get dressed , I need to get some dress for you because I can’t let you dress like a widow after me to where my fellow billionaires are , leave now ” He said and I bowed slightly and left.


I walked to my room and get dressed and went to meet him at the living room , he had being waiting for me also.


We went to his car and he drove us to a very big complex. I start to choose all sort of clothes that I love and I so much enjoy that moment.


Just anyone would have thought I’m his girlfriend or at least his sister , I so much love this prestige.




We finally get to where we will pay and the cashier stated the amount.


“Withdraw it from here ” He said and handed over his credit card to the cashier.


The cashier inserted it in and after while returned it.


“Those clothes will look good on you” The cashier complemented.


“Thanks ” I replied him shyly and looked up to the face of Donald.


Other buyers who wants to pay were also there.


“Wait, Mr. Casheir….whom did you think she is to me?”Donald asked and the cashier giggled.



“Your blessed and exquisite girlfriend of course ” He said and chuckle. Everyone giggled lovingly. They were all surprised at Donald’s silly question


“She’s not my girlfriend ,she’s just a property. How can a little thing like this be my girlfriend , I bought her and you can just call her my slave…she doesn’t have a life of her own , I gave her all these privileges, you did not have to respect her too much ” He said and everyone there was surprised.


I was so embarrassed that I couldn’t even look up to see anyone’s face. So disgusting…so embarrassing. I felt so bad and tears were wanting to pour from my face but I was controlling it with all my energies.


He walked away while I followed him dragging my very heavy leg. It’s the greatest embarrassment of my life.


On getting home “Make sure you select the best dress to wear at night ” He said and walked inside his room.


At night!


I was dressed in a pink gown , pink and white hills and black cap. I looked so beautiful when I checked myself in the mirror.


I walked out and saw Donald waiting for me already. He’s dressed in suit and he looked so gorgeous.


I like his posture and I wish I can tell him how handsome he is , but it will be just good for me to keep quiet at the moment.


“Why are you looking like a mascaraed, get the hell out and change ” He said and I rechecked myself from head to toe.


I hurried inside again because it’s getting late already and I wore a blue blouse and brown short skirt just to look s3*xy , I walked outside with the same hills shoe and he examined it again.


He sunk to the chair and exhaled. He looked around and suddenly stood up to bring his gun


“Go inside and wear a nice cloth, if you come back here again with all these clothes that makes you look like a useless nonentity that you are , consider yourself dead ” He said and I arched my brow




Dead? I hurriedly ran inside my room and out of fear began to search diligently for the best cloth that I could wear.


I can’t afford to die just because of my silly dressing. What cloth color can I choose now?

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