Fri. Jul 19th, 2024





I walked to my room and get myself prepared for any silly act against me


I didn’t sleep in my room that same night ,I was outside all day.


There wasn’t any move of someone about to kill me or something for the last 30 hours now but I still kept myself on guard.


Later at night ,I was at an empty room when I suddenly heard sounds. It was like a door was being forced to open.


I opened the door of the room I hide sullenly and peeped. I saw about five men dressed like soldiers at the door to my room.


They finally broke the door to my room and entered.


But two amidst them were standing outside.


“Not inside .” One of them said out loud.


“What! Did she know we are coming or what? ”


“She must be inside this house ,I believe. With the way this room is set , she’s definitely inside.” Grace said.




I had to look well to see that one of those standing and dressed like soldiers is actually Grace.


Well , she’s like a tom boy , she stands ,eat ,talk and do stuffs like a man.


“Fine ,you …check downstairs. You …check over there…” He dispersed them one after the other to search and commanded that if anyone sees me ,they should speak through the com they all had in their ears.


Good! If they are not skilled enough….taking them down shouldn’t be a problem.


A man and a woman began to approach me and that was when I see clearly that the man that had being acting as their boss is Kim.


Jeez! I can never beat Kim here on earth and in Jupiter ,the guy can fight….just so good I’m fighting. I’m not sure if I can even defeat Jessica too cause she’s so good also..


Gosh! They must not find me.



I hide well inside the room ,the light of the room was off already.


I can only pray that do not check inside and switch the light on and what if they do?




I fight till I die then.


I set my two guns in my hand ready to shoot any one shootable since it’s obvious they had come for me.

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