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I watched as Kim lowered his head to the left. I saw a look of disappointment on his face as he bite his lower lips softly.


“You never loved me?” He asked softly out of pain and I nodded.


Kim looked at Donald and then to Jennifer.


He looked at me and said; “How do you intend buying your freedom? Or you want to be Donald’s property for life?”


I thought for a while before responding. “I wish I will get enough money to buy my freedom someday”


“That day may never come cause the money to buy your freedom is very exorbitant. An average rich American can not even afford it. If you start working from now till another four years,you still may not be able to afford it.” He said.


I scuffed.


“Well ,I can buy it for you right now ” he said.


“Huh! And why would you?”


“It’s obvious. I love you.”




“If you buy my freedom , will you own me then ?” I asked to be cleared.


“No ,you are freed forever. No one’s owns you after I buy your freedom. There is a different between buying you from Donald as my property and buying your freedom.” He clarified and I sighed.


“Okay…Go ahead ” I said.


“I wish….but what will be my gain?” He asked.




“Yes,gain! You need to retort my Love. I need you to love me back.”


“But you can not force love?” I said.



“I can. If I buy you from Donald, I can make love with you every single day with or without your permission. I can make you my wife with or without your permission. ”


I chuckled . “And who said Donald is willing to sell me again!”


“Oh really? You really think he won’t sell you?” He said and faced Donald.


“How much are you selling her ,Donald?”


Donald stood gently and walked up to us.




“#300,000 dollar is not bad.” Jennifer said.


“Donald ! #300 thousand dollar! Are you agreeing?” Kim asked and Donald nodded to my surprise.

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