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‘Following Day’


I was at the gym training myself when I began to hear the visitor’s bell sounding repeatedly .


I suspended what I was doing and walked to the main gate of the house.


I opened the gate wide and the car drove in. I recognize whom the car is for instantly.


Kim stepped down and I wondered why he had come.


I stood still ,shock and unable to move. I remember how I thought I killed him the last time I went to his place.


“Where is Donald?” He asked.


“In…Inside.” I stammered and he nodded and smiled faintly as he walked inside.


I walked sullenly still heavily disturbed for what he might have come for.


On getting to the sitting room ,I saw that he had met with Donald and Jennifer at the living room.




“Have your sit ” Donald said and Kim obliged.


Kim came to look into my face and smiled faintly before he finally concentrates his attention on Donald.


“Don’t be surprised … I came for a reason.” Kim said and we all were silent seriously, anticipating for what he had come for.


“Well , Jessica here …” he gestured at me. “She came to kill me in my house with claim that I killed her parents. ”


Every where was silent as before he spoke.


“Can you tell her that I never killed her parents!” Kim told Donald.


“Are you scared of her? And even if you killed her parents…you can just teach her the greatest lesson of her life whenever she comes to your place for some foolish revenge sh!t. ” Jennifer said.



“I wish I can hurt her but I can’t.” Kim said.


“Why? Same with Donald ,I guess. Did you guys forget this girl is just an ordinary property! You have shot many ladies dead in the past ,what’s so special about her that you can not send her to the grace where her parents live ” Jennifer said.


“Oh! I get…Because she probably won the camp competition.” Jennifer added.


Kim smirked and rested well on the chair.


“It’s way bigger than that. Jennifer has a special place in my heart and that’s why I always want her around me. “Kim said.


“A special place? ” Jennifer thought for a while then spoke up again. “You mean…you may Love her or what? ”


Kim grinned and rested his hands on his laps. “Not ‘may’ . I Love her.” He said to my utmost surprise.


“Love who? Jessica?” Jennifer laughed. “I know you are joking, how can anyone love an ordinary ugly property like this?”


“She may be ugly to you but she’s very beautiful to me ” Kim said and Jennifer became mute and remained stunned.


“You Love Jennifer?” Donald asked to be sure.


“Yes ,I do. ” Kim answered him. “Can you please tell her that I never killed her parents?”


Donald looked into my face and said; ” Jessica! ”


“Sir!” I answered.


“Kim wasn’t the one that killed your parents ,neither am I?” He said.


“Then who in the world killed my parents? ” I yelled angrily “But you once told me it was Kim that killed my parents?”


“I said it cause he’s the closest suspect but the truth is he didn’t kill your parents.” Donald said.


“Can you help me to find whom the killer is?” I asked.


“Personally , I had tried everything to find whom the killer of your parents is but I couldn’t ” Donald said.


“Same here.” Kim said.


I closed my eye and hoped gently that I will one day find whom the killer of my parent is.


I opened my eye and was stunned to see Kim standing before me with a firm look.


“Jessica ,did you know I love you?” He asked softly and I took few seconds before I replied by shaking my head.


“I do…so much. I ….Love you.” Kim said and I lowered my head at a point when I couldn’t maintain eye contact with him anymore.


I did not know what to say to him cause I do not even think I have any thoughts or feelings for him.




“Do you love …me?” Kim asked softly and I shook my head almost immediately.


“I do not love you ,sir. “

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