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Jessica ^




Jennifer walked away angrily too.


I sighed and lowered my head while shaking it slowly.


“But I never said I love you? Why is Kim taking this too far?” I asked Donald.


“I don’t know. This time ,you have to stop protecting me and protect yourself . As you can see ,Kim said it metaphorically that Jennifer and he would never allow anything in resemblance to relationship come up between us. ”


I sighed and slump to the chair , Donald sat too and looked into my face..


“Jessica , for real…you never loved me?”


“I never loved you.”


“But why did you always protect me ,even with your life. No property would ever go that extent for their maser?” He said.


“I can’t explain. But I never lo…, let’s just forget about it?”






After a brief moment of silence ,he spoke up and said;” We need to work on your freedom.”




“Yes, let’s get going?” He said and we both stood.


I followed him and to where he parked his car outside. We stepped in and he began to drive.


“So where are we going to?” I asked after few minutes of moving in the car.


“To the grandmaster ! I want him to declare your freedom.” He said.


“But you bought me?”



“Yes ,I did. But trading men and women is illegal in the country, we masters can only do that because of how much power the grandmaster willed in the government. So ,anytime we buy a property ,we register their names and details with him. We pay him a sum to make it legal . That’s how human trade works amidst rich men here ” He explained and I nodded.




“Grand master !” Donald called on seeing the grandmaster. He bowed his head.


“Welcome Donald. ” The grandmaster said and then looked to my face.


“Oh? This is the lady that won the last competition. Nice meeting you again. ” He said. “Come in.”


Donald and I both walked to his inner chamber and stood.


He sat and said; “So , what did you come for?”


Won’t he even tell us to sit or something?


“You willll remain this way ,you don’t sit in grandmaster’s chamber.” Donald whispered into my ear and I nodded.


Thank goodness I have not being too forward to sit.


“I want my property’s freedom. This girl standing before me; Rachael.”


“Oh! ” The man thought for a while and said; “Why would you want her freedom?”


“She has being loyal and protecting ,grandmaster.”


“Hum!” The man scoffed. “I hope it’s not love happening between you two.”


“Nothing of such.” Donald replied and the man stood.


He walked to a large desk in the room and rested his two palms on it.


“I will grant her freedom but let me not ever hear that you both are into any love shiiiii….I hope you know it’s against our rules for a property to fall in love with her master and vice versa ”


“Very well sir?” Donald replied.


The man went to where a set of computer is and began to operate on it. It soon displayed my picture and my details.


The man did some stuffs on that very page and turned away from the computer to us about three minutes later. ” Her freedom has being granted ”


Donald looked to my face happily and I smiled thankfully at him.


“I will forward the sum to you, grandmaster!” Donald said and the man nodded.


We had barely taken two steps out when the man called; “Donald!” Donald turned to the man. “I hope you didn’t forget the consequence of disobeying the laws of the Masters?”


“Yes ,grandmaster?”




“Fine.” The man turned back to his computer.


Donald turned to me and we both walked out

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