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Jessica ^




“Donald ,you selling me

off to Kim?” I asked to be sure. Sweats were rapidly forming from my body already.


I do not ever want to be Kim’s property.


“No. I can’t sell her for one billion dollar.” Donald told Kim.


“Why?” Jennifer asked.


“Cause I love her.” He replied Jennifer and both Jennifer and Kim furrowed their brow at a time.


“You….Loved your property?” Jennifer asked.


“Donald ,tell me this is a joke.” Kim said.


Donald came to me and held me by my wrist.


“Jessica ,I love you.” He said to me and those words went deep into my heart.


I closed my eye gently cause I kind of like him too but I’m not sure on if I actually love him or something.




Kim grinned surprisingly. “I can’t believe this…Jessica ,do you Love Donald?”


I hesitated for a while and wondered what perfect answer I could give at this sensitive moment.


“No ,I do not Love Donald. ” Even though ,those words protrude out of my mouth , I felt like I betrayed the truth in my heart.


“You see,she never loved you.” Kim said. “Just sell her to me.”


Donald smirked as he let loose of my wrist.


“Donald ,sell this girl off.” Jennifer supported Kim.


“I do not love her because she loves me ,I love her because I find myself falling in love with her. Maybe because of her good heart ,I can’t say. ”



“But Donald, I’ve got a good heart. And you know pretty well that I love you. ” Jennifer said and Donald scoff.


“You never loved me ,you loved my money. “Donald said.


“Donald!” Kim called and Donald went to look at his face. “We all know that Jennifer loves you. She use to be your girlfriend and for whatever reason ,you guys break up. Forgive her and go back to her and let Jessica come to me. ” Kim said.


“I’m not a child. I know what I’m doing. I know who truly loves me between the both of them. ”


“The girl just said she never loved you. ” Kim said. ” But common ,Donald. Stop behaving like a kid. You know it won’t work out between Jessica and you ” Kim said.


“Why?” Donald asked.


“Jennifer won’t watch that happen. She will rather kill her than watch you marry her.” Kim said.


Donald lowered his head and raised it about few seconds later . “Jennifer would never defeat Jessica easily. I trust her.”


Kim smirked. “You want to hear this? I hope you know Jennifer and I work together. I can’t watch the two of you go into relationship. I will loose that way. And you know Kim doesn’t loose. If you think she can defeat Jennifer ,can she also defeat me?” Kim said in a threatening tone.


“I knew it….you guys wants to force love. Let’s allow Jessica make her choice ” Donald said.


“What choice!” Jennifer bursted.


“Choice! Do you just say choice? We both know a properties doesn’t have a choice of their own ,we decide for them ” Kim said.


“I’ll buy her freedom from the grand master ,then. ” Donald said.


Kim smirked and came close to Donald. He tapped him by his shoulder.


“I love Jessica ,just sell her to me …” He paused and scoff. “You won’t like what will happen after this. You know me very well. I don’t want you to regret the fact that you never sell her to me. ” He said and darted his face at me. He glanced at me from head to toe with a dry smile.




He walked out.


I exhaled in nervousness mixed with anxiousness.

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