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“If there is anyone seated amidst us who has one or more reasons as to why we couldn’t knot this couple together , kindly stand now or sit forever ” The pastor said and I was so nervous.


It’s my wedding day and all eyes are on me. I’m here standing before the man of my dream: Donald.


I had loved Donald with passion and wish with so much enthusiasm in the past that someday ,Donald and I will end up together as husband and wife.


Everywhere was quiet and gladly ,no one stood to go against our marriage.


“With this , we tie this couple together in love ,union and peace. Let everybody say ; ‘Amen’.” The pastor said and everyone echoed the ‘Amen’


“Jessica ,do you promise to stand with Donald in times of pain and in times of love ? Do you also promise to stand with him in sickness and in health ,in dry season and wet seasons?” The pastor asked.


“Yes ,I do.” I replied .


He repeated the same question to Donald and he agreed.


“You can now kiss the bride ” he said to Donald and Donald walked to me gently.


He planted his adoring lips on mine and we began to kiss.






Five years later!


Donald and I along with ; Raphael ,Clifford and Maraiana. We all stood before the house ready to enter the car.


We all are going for shopping. Raphael is my first born followed by Clifford while Mariana is the last born.


They are adorable and beautiful. They are our precious beings.


I have decided that we all go shopping at a day like this.


We all stepped inside the car and in about few minutes later ,we arrived at the shopping complex.

It was one of the largest in Texas and we began to shop.


I noticed I didn’t see Mariana again and I playfully searched around for her but still couldn’t find her.


I went to where Donald stood and told him that I can’t find Mariana.


“Really? Where could she be?” He asked and went to meet Raphael and Clifford.


“Did any of you see your sister?”


“No.” They both replied and Donald and I exchange glances.


“Where is my baby!” Donald began to cry while I furrowed my brow.


“Why are you crying ,we will still see her. I’m so sure of that. She might have just get carried away by some events.” I said and turned from him ready to go in search of her.


“She’s right here?” Tucker said and signaled for her to come into view from the big desk that he had made her hide.


“Aw…”I ran to Donald and playfully slapped his shoulder. “You made me scared.”


He kissed my lips and turned to Ralph and cliff who were staring at us but quickly turned their faces away.


He laughed and I chuckled too.


“Dad , let’s go to the cinema …I’ve got a particular movie showing that I must watch.” Cliff said.


“Oh really?” I asked.


“Mom , don’t mind him. We will be watching the movie I choose .” Ralph said and I sighed.


“Marian , who are you supporting amidst your brothers?” I asked .


“Erm…None. I’ll pick my own movie too.” She said softly I giggled.




“Alright ,fine. Let’s just go anyways ” I said and we all walked to the cinema.



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