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I raised my two hands up in surrender , one of them stood and rough handled my hair as he made me lay on the table.


I realized that he wanted to rA-pe me right there and then , I waited patiently till he unhooked his belt , he dropped his gun on the floor and try to lay on me to start to rApe me , but I gave him a strong kick in his chin instead.


I did a backflit before they could shoot and held one of them by the neck with my gun on his head ready to shoot him if they try to fight me.


“Drop your guns” I ordered and they obliged at the instance.


I made a reverse and walked out of the room , I used the guy as a shelter till I get to my car , I opened the door and use the bottom of the gun to hit him at his head.


Blood start to gush gush his head but I do not care, he fell to the floor and I entered the car and , made a U turn and I before I could drive out , sounds of gun could be heard all over my car.


Since the car is not bulletproof , I tried to guide it by driving recklessly, but before I could fade out of their sight , a bullet hit me by my shoulder.


I screamed and used my other hand to drive , I was bleeding seriously but I’ve always learnt to be strong.


I finally got weak and I felt like I will die soon , of drove home ,I pressed the horn button in the car a number of times before I saw Donald walking towards the car sluggisly


I fell to the floor , weak and tired , bleeding and feeling terrible , Donald noticed what was happening and walked sluggishly to me




“Just this battle , you can’t win…Is this how you wanna die? If so…then die ” He said and walked away.


I tried to call him but my eyes were closing fast ,he’s as wicked as he has always portray himself to be.


My sister and my uncle could punish me all day but they wouldn’t have allowed death.


I was about giving up when a car drove in. I do not know if they were the enemies that were after me that had come to finish their mission


I tried so hard to look intently towards the direction of the car. Even though my hands were weak to handle a gun not to talk of pulling a trigger , I still held the gun as a means of self defence.


A young man with a tinted hair , a bit fleshy and handsome , he was dressed in white suit and blue jeans , I had never seen him before neither do I know who he is.


He sighted me and rushed towards me , he carried me at the instance straight to his car.



I felt so glad that someone finally saved me. I wanted to tell him that it’s too late because I was feeling like I was closed to death.




And truth , I closed my eye without having any more idea of what was going on: I loosed absolute consciousness.




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