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(Shoot your leg)

     ^ Jessica ^

“Huhhhmmmm” I closed my mouth trying to communicate to him that he was the one that said I mustn’t speak.

“Truth, I said you must not speak” He said like someone that just remembered the rules he gave me and walked out.

I exhaled and felt relax. He could have shot me…why is he always threatening me with gun, what if he mistakenly shoots me someday.

Well, I’m not dying anytime soon, though. I walked out also feeling happy that I now know how to use gun but I won’t use mine to kill , I will only use it to guard him.

I walked to the living room and I saw him came from the dinning , he threw a gun at me and I was quick enough to catch it.

“It’s yours now , take good care of it” He said and walked out.

I wish I can threaten him too, I will just point the gun at him and tell him to do what I wish but I’m scared of what he may do afterwards. .

It’s better I just follow all rules here before he blows my head up.


We both walked inside his exorbitant car very early in the morning. Donald and I were dressing very beautiful.

I do not know where he is taking us to, I would have ask but I’d being ordered not to speak.

He drove the car himself to a very decent house ,though small but still beautiful.

“Wait here ” He said and walked inside.

“Wait where? I’m not waiting anywhere! ” I thought and watched him enter the house then I stepped down from the car.

I tip toed so he wouldn’t know that I’m following him , I need to know what’s going on inside there.

I finally get to the window to the house and it”s transparent enough to see what is going on inside , they might see me also , so I bent and peeped.

Donald entered and two men who were sitting but smoking welcomed him in a thick voice.

Donald sat and placed a white substance on the table. “The money ” He said and those guys took a look at the white substance , they even tasted it.

“Good!” The second bald headed man said and brought out a briefcase full of money beside him.

He placed it on the table. Donald confirmed the originality of the money after opening the briefcase , he closed it back , stood without saying anymore word and took few steps to leave.

Surprisingly , I saw that ugly bald headed man remove a gun from his pocket ready and directed it towards my handsome Donald

I need no one to tell me that he is about to shoot Donald. I brought my gun out immediately and fired his filthy hand then ran away to the car.

I hope Donald doesn’t see me but I just saved him anyways.

Less than 30 seconds after I had entered the car , I saw Donald ran towards the car with full speed. Without saying a word , he kicked off the car and drove away.

I would have asked what happened but he had ordered me not to speak.

As soon as we get home , he rested his head on the wheel of the car like someone feeling relaxed that he had just escaped.

I guess he didn’t know that I even saved him.

“I was almost shot dead over there and you wouldn’t even protect me” He accused me.

What’s wrong with this handsome man? Isn’t he the one that said I must not leave the car.

I wish I can just talk and remind him because it seems he forget what he says often.

“I need to teach you some lesson so you can learn to protect me next time” He said and stepped down from the car and I did the same

After we walked a few distance from the car, “where is your gun?”

I raised my gun up to him.

He stretched his gun at me and said “Shoot your leg or I blow your head off”

Huh? Shoot my leg for what? After I have even saved you and you did not know.

How will I even tell him now?

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