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Jessica ^




My hand still hurts even after Justin had helped me but at least , I was relieved a bit because of what Justin had done.


“I know you are nothing to him but his property and he doesn’t joke with any of his property , nonetheless , I will see how I can buy your freedom” He said


“Thanks Sir ” I said and he helped me up the ground.


He watched me as I walked inside my room.

On getting there I just sunk to the bed and wondered what made the guy so cruel that way.


I would have said it’s a family issue but his brother is so cute , what made him a terrible being?


I can’t stop asking myself and…should I perhaps find out why he’s like that.


I can’t imagine how an handsome man like him can be a practical devil.


After a while , I slept off without knowing.


In the middle of the night , I was awoken by terrible and horrible scaring sounds , it was as if some people somewhere were breaking something.


I can’t place it yet and I wondered if Donald is aware already of the horrible sounds.




I stood and went to the bathroom to wash my face with water. I dried it and came out of my room.


The sound increased and I can’t but wonder who or what is behind the sound.


I reasoned on either to go to Donald’s room to check if he’s also awaken or go straight to the direction of the sound.


What if Donald himself is the one causing the sound?

I’m confused here.


I went to Donald’s room and planted a soft knock on the door.


I heard few steps approached the door and after a while the door gave way and he stood before me.


“Sorry , sir. I’m hearing some terrible sounds and I do not know why or what the caused is? ”



“Enemies…The enemies are trying to break into my house ” He said and I furrowed my brow


“Sir , you do not look scared , do you have a plan already?”


“No, they will kill me and I’ll die. That’s all ”


“Huh? Aren’t you scared of death , sir?” I asked and he looked away as the sounds increased the more


“I am. But a depressed somebody like me shouldn’t be too bothered about death” He said


I’m even glad that he’s replying me. But why is he depressed ,though?


The sound suddenly gave a huge breaks and I need no one to tell me that the door the enemies are trying to break is broken and with sounds of heavy footsteps , I had already known that they are inside the house.




“I will protect you Sir ” I said and ran inside my room to pick my gun


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