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My hand became weaker , my legs began to shake ,the words came to me at a point when I wasn’t expecting it.


I can’t say if I love him but I know I have this special happiness whenever I’m around him. I chose my happiness as a priority ,that was why I requested from their grandmaster to let me go back to Donald.


Even though I know that death lurks around me whenever I’m with him cause he’s got high temper and he could shoot me at any time.


This is someone that is wealthy and had killed many ladies in the past. I always wonder why I’m exempted. No matter how angry he is ,he will always avoid killing him.


“You love me!” I repeated and he nodded.


I looked away with tears pouring from my face.


“Did you kill my parent for real?”


“Yes,I killed them.” He answered.


It hurts more knowing that he is the killer of my parents. I stretched the gun at him still.


“Kill me. “He said.




“I will also kill your father that sent you.” I said.


“Even after killing me?”


“Yes, you killed my father and my mother too.” I said.


“Leave my father out of this!” He said.


“You really love your father and you did not want him to die yet you kill another person’s parent without thinking twice. ”


“I only did what I was sent to.” Donald said and ran to me all of a sudden.




I sent him a kick that made him fell back to the floor.



“You really think you can get me unguarded. I’m sorry that I will have to kill you.” I said and pulled the trigger.

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