Fri. Jul 12th, 2024

Jessica ^




I guess my reply met him in shock. He took few steps back and I could perceive disappointment on his face.


“You …did…not …love….” He said the words one after the other. “me…” He completed his sentence slowly.


I looked into his very handsome face. The truth is I really can’t explain the kind of feelings I have for him. I find absolute happiness in just seeing him around.


I just love myself being around him but I do not know If I’m to call that Love or not.


Plus he might think I’ve being protecting him all his while just cause I Love him.


No, I do not think I love him.


“I do not ….” I wanted to repeat the statement again but it seems difficult this time.


We both maintained a firm eye contact. He later took his face away.


“Jessica! ” He called my name while I remained mute. ” I’ve being a shadow of myself for a while now. I use to be happy many years ago but everything changed. Maybe you could actually make me happy once again. ”


I wanted to speak but words were not protruding ,I sincerely didn’t know what to say exactly.




“This is why I had never being scared of death. Life makes no sense to me. Jessica… don’t love me out of pity but if you do Love me ,just tell me.” He said.


My heart became heavier. If there is one thing I want about Donald ,it’s for him to be happy.


I just loathe seeing him sad.


“Sir!” I called and he still didn’t look into my face.


“I did not Love you. ” I said and turned from him.


I walked away from his room and ran to my room to release my uncontrollable weak emotions.


I closed the door on myself and cried gently.



Loving the killer of my parents will be the last thing I will ever do.


I don’t care who might be the actual killer of my parents ,the most important fact I read in the diary is that his father sent him to kill my father.


How in the world can I have a world with such family.


If it turns out to be marriage ,even my parents will curse me from where they are for marrying the son of their murderer.




Never , that’s not going to happen.


Plus ,I’m not certain yet If I truly love him or not. I pray I will never fall in love with him.

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