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“I do not feel comfortable telling you ” He said. “I think you should find out yourself.”


“Please ,tell me sir.”


“And what would you do?”


I hesitated for a while before speaking up. “Take revenge ”


He chuckled. “I told you to come for my father and I when you are ready to start taking revenge , don’t worry about those that killed them.”


“Please ,tell me who K is sir?”


“Well ,if you insist, K is the same person I sold you too?”


“Erm…Kim…Master Kim?”


“Yes. He killed your parents as directed by my girlfriend then.”


“Which is Jennifer ,right?”




“Yeah” Donald answered and walked inside.


Anger began boil inside of me and my eyes turn red all of a sudden. I ran inside my room and get myself dressed.


I hid two guns in my back pocket and drove one of Donald’s car to Master Kim’s house.


His house is fenced and locked. I parked a very few distance from the place and jumped the fence inside.


“What did you want?” I heard his voice from a microphone


I watched around but I couldn’t find him.


“Don’t bother searching for me. I’m the only one living here and I’ve got many enemies so I got everywhere covered. I ask again ,what did you want?”



“I want to see you” I said and he went quiet for a while.


He appeared from the entrance of the door and started approaching me.


I removed a gun from my pocket all of a sudden and pointed it at him.


He raised his two hands up all of a sudden.


“You killed my parents!” I said directing the gun to his skull.


“Yes , I did.” He said confidently.


“You are so wicked and I will take your life too!” I threatened.


“I’ve killed many people. Your parents just seem to be a victim. Go in peace.” He said and I grinned wickedly.


“I should go in peace! Is that a threat? ” I hurriedly released two bullet to his forehead cause I know he’s very smart.


He fell to the floor and I lowered my hand as I gazed around.


I bent and cried as I remembered the day my parents died in cold blood.


I walked to his dead body and released two more shots to the head. I spit on his head and stood and walked to the fence.


I was about to jump over when I heard a voice that made me loose balance and fell. ; ” You really think you can kill me that easily?”

I hurriedly hid behind some flowers and peeked around wondering what magic had happened.


“I told you to leave in peace buy you wouldn’t listen. Revenge is really boiling in your blood but I didn’t kill your parent ,Donald did. ” he said


“It’s not Donald ,I had read it in the diary already?” I said.




“I guess you have not completed reading the diary , complete reading it and you will find out who really killed your parent. Next time you come here ,consider yourself dead. ” he said and I hurriedly stood and flew the fence over.


I’m confused , who killed my parent? Donald or Kim?

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