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Donald looked at his side and saw the hole of a bullet at the wardrobe beside him.


I dropped the gun to the floor and looked at him.


He knelt and looked into my face. “Why didn’t you kill me?”


“I forgive you because of Love. Killing you will not resurrect my parents.” I said and was about to walk out when he said: ” I just wanted you to be the one to kill me. Kim killed your parents ”


I turned at him.


“Dad sent me to kill your parents for real. I told Jennifer cause she is close to me and she knows what kind of Job my father does.


She went ahead and executed the mission before I could.


I found out it was K that killed your parents and that K turns out to be Kim.


I did find out whom the K is and on finding out,

I met with him and he told me he killed your parents ,I paid him for telling me the truth after seven days only for him to message the following day me that he never killed them.


Till today ,the killer of your parents is not really clear.




I never killed them but your act just prove to me that you really want me alive.


Maybe you have the same feelings I’m having for you….I think I love you?” Donald said.


“A male killed my parents so it’s either Kim or you?”I insisted.


“Kim has no reason to lie ,he thought I did and I thought he did too. No one knows who really kill your parents but I guess it’s none of us. “Donald said.


“Okay.” I said and kept looking at Donald’s face


He stood and walked to me.


“Do you love me?” He asked.



“It’s forbidden for a property to love his master ” I reminded him.




“Love breaks any rule. Do you Love me?” He asked again.



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