Fri. May 10th, 2024

“Release me .” I shouted ,still tied.


“Why should I ? You really want to know whom the killer of your parents is right?”


“A male killed my parents and you are a female. Why in the world are you so concerned?” I asked angrily. “Why are you trying every possible means to hide the truth from me?”


She giggled and rested her chin on her palm.


“Don’t ask me stupid question young girl. You will get yourself killed by trying to find out what you will never find. ”


“But you are not involved in the killing of my parents ,stay clear off it .” I said.


“I killed your parents.” She said and I grinned.


“That’s a joke ,right? I still need to get my fact right. I saw with my very eyes the killer of my parents. He is a male. “I said.


Jennifer stood and freed me. I fell to the floor and just allow myself lay to the floor.


I feel weak finding who really killed my parents. I felt like I should give up.




Jennifer walked out of the room without saying any more word.


I stood after a while and was walking to my room when I overheard an ongoing conversation between two people.


I paused and inclined my ear to the room and I recognized the two voices at once.


It was the voice of Jennifer and Donald.


“I burnt the first diary ” Jennifer said.


“What! Why would you?” Donald asked.


“I only helped you. You don’t want to imagine what she will do if she finds out what is inside that diary.” She said.



There was silent for a while after which I heard Jennifer spoke up again.


“Donald , have you stopped loving me for real?”


I didn’t hear Donald’s reply , Jennifer spoke up again; “Donald! If you are having feelings for Jessica , I hope you know it will never work. You killed her parents and we both know that if she finds out,she might even kill you.”


What! Donald killed my parents for real? My heart skipped , my heart aches. I really wish he didn’t have to be the one.


If he kills my parent for real then I must take revenge.


I feel like hitting the door and entering but I know Jennifer might protect him.


I will attack him when he’s alone. I walked out angrily.


Later at night , I dressed well and packed few of my luggage. The plan is to barge into Donald’s room,kill him and leave this house forever.


I tip toed to his room cause I didn’t want Jennifer to be awake. I twisted the knob to his room and I noticed it wasn’t locked.




I walked in and saw him sound asleep.


I brought out my gun and his eyes opened at that moment.


His eyes met with mine and I hurriedly stretch the gun at him.


“You killed my parents and you lied that it was Kim that killed my parent?”


He lay still , “you can shoot. ”


I held the gun and looked into his face. I pulled the trigger in my mind but my fingers were not moving.


My hands became very weak to pull the trigger.


“Sir, you killed my parent.” I said again.


“I have many opportunities to kill you but I chose not to kill you.” he said.




“Why?” I said almost pulling the trigger.


“Cause I love you.”

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