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I stood from the bed that Jennifer had treated me and went to my room.


I sat on a small chair in my bed thinking of how to infiltrate Donald’s room


I pretended like I was going to the backyard of the house but I only wanted to search for where Donald could be.


I noticed that Donald’s room was closed , I had passed the door already but I stepped back.


I went to the room and planted a series of knock on it but no one was responding inside.


I exhaled fearfully and twisted the knob. The door gave way and I can’t find him inside.


I took few steps back to the hall way and turned my head left and right to confirm if no one was watching or coming.


I went to his wardrobe straight and on opening it ,I saw series of books , I saw two books that looked like the diary that Jennifer burnt.


If I pick one out of these books, he shouldn’t know right? I hope so.


I picked one of the diary and closed the wardrobe as it was. I walked to my room and closed the door.




I exhaled that I wasn’t caught even thought it’s a great risk.


I opened the first page of the diary as quick as I can and it reads;


***Donald speaking in diary ***


Books 3.


“No, you shouldn’t have killed him?” I scolded the lady before me. This is one of the reason why we had issues.


I had only discussed what father wants me to do with her only for her to go and execute that mission behind me.


“Calm down ,I only help you. And besides ,I’m not trying to take the glory ,just tell Father that you killed them.” She said and I shook my head.



“It’s not as easy as you think? Dad had people monitoring every activities in that house in one way or the other ,he will still find out that I didn’t kill them.” I said.


“I covered for that already” She said.


“How? I’m really scared of Father ,he is very smart !” I said.


“Common!” She tapped me by my shoulder and walked away.



Jessica’s POV.


I’m confused ,does that mean a lady was the one that killed….my parents…no! I’m not sure it’s my parent they are referring to here


Cause I will never forget the day my parents were killed. It was a masked man dressed in black all over and it was right before my eyes.




Jennifer burnt book 1 already , I wish I had taken book 2 ,I would have had an idea of whom they were referring too here in book 3.


I exhaled. But who is that lady ,though?

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